Highlight Of the game

well there are several canidates, from Damon Allen passing past Warren Moon to the last play of the game meaning we could all go home to that fan running on the field. hmmmm its a tough choice here but Im gonna have to go with that fan & the last play of the game should get some credit because I sure liked getting there hell out of Never Wynn Stadium. what do you people think?

what happened at the end of the game? i had left with about 10 mins left in the 4th


Highlights? Gauthier absolutely knocking the snot out of everyone on special teams. Holmes and most definitely the O-Line pounding out the yards. Maas flattening O'Shea on some broken play where he ran down the field and threw a beauty block! And hey, did you see the strength of those gymnasts at halftime? And the view of the escarpment is a beauty from the north stands. I like it way better over there. And hey what about the sun set?

Other than that, it was painful to watch the self-destruction. I hate to say this but the Argoes hardly beat the Tabbies today. They were able to feast on all the poor passes, stinking routes being run and the lousy work ethic of receivers fighting for the balls, Cripes. Brock Ralph you could have picked up that fumble by Maas if you hadn't given up on the play! Flick, geez man, are you in so much need of rest for that "Big Play" that you don't bust your butt to get to every ball thrown your way?!
Please watch Arlen Bruce. There's a guy who shows the right effort.

I liked the white uniforms and helmets. I wish I could afford to join the auction but $242 starting bid, like I already blew my money on tickets to the game!

The reaction from the crowd after Damon set the record...no one can ever say that Hamilton isnt a class town. I would say 90% of the crowd stood and clapped for the entire presentation. I am glad I got to see that in person.

Yah......kudos to Damon Allen....that was cool!

.....on the Tiger-Cats side, the highlite to me was to see Boreham continuing to do what's been asked of him....(and of course, no "Cut Boreham" threads anymore....) :smiley:

nite all....

signing off.. :slight_smile:

how about that fan that threw the tennis ball at byron parker as he was returning his first INT for a TD, and then someone threw a towel in the endzone.

how bout that drunk fan that ran on the field

how bout when i had that coors light

Don't forget the Honourable Lincoln Alexander....

...and the Calgary / Edmonton game on the tv in the concourse...


Maas' interception I think...That guy was the most open I've seen anyone Maas has thrown to this year...And it was right on the money..beeeeeauuuuutiful !