Highlight and lowlight of the game

Lowlight: Special teams: Blocked punt, and the 43 yard missed FG, Lauther's 3rd miss in a row.

Highlight; Simoni Lawrence interception. What an outstanding athletic and football play, that I don't think is getting enough attention.


Erik Harris #41 messed up huge on his blocking assignment. His expression is captured quite nicely in that photo. He hussled back to prevent the TD on the play though.

When a blocker misses a block we don't usually notice. If we see a QB tossing a lame duck or getting sacked we don't usually blame the "O" lineman, but in this case it was a glaring mistake. The guy makes his block, Bartel gets his kick off no problem.

Gotta agree with the Captain that Lawrence's athletic tip and interception deserves more recognition. In fact, that play, followed by the two shifting O-Line dances put, as it turned out, the winning points up on the board. It's gotta be the TSN Turning Point ..... or, should that be the TSN2 (!) Turning Point? Lawrence also showed off his enthusiasm and athleticism with that twisting return of Waters' on-the-run punt after the high snap early in the second QTR.

Is it just me or does Bartel take a little too much time getting his punts away?

I agree, he does seem to take a little long. Teams have come close all season but in this case, the block was more attributed to a missed assignment

Yah, but he is a two step punter, and when he punts....holy crap does he get some sick hangtime. I'll say this about Bartel, he certainly kept his composure during that block.

The thing I like about the blocked punt is that he immediately turned around to see if the ball was in the end zone for him to recover it.

I liked the fact that he saw the guy was coming and didn't bat an eyelash and panic and tried to make something out of nothing. If the Toronto player was a half step back, and only blocked it with his fingertips, that punt still would have likely been a decent 30 yards.

Still, this is one of the reasons why you take the safety when you're punting out of the end zone with no favorable wind. However, given the distance and height Bartel gets and that it was at the entrance of the end zone, I wouldn't say it was a bad call to have gone for the punt.

The highlight was that despite the few mistakes by a couple of players, and I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, we got the win. Now the Arblows come to our house so we can do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was a bit surprised that he didn't try to avoid the rush by stepping to his right and then punt it on the run.

I'm also waiting for the day they fake the punt and have him run up to the line of scrimmage, and then do a tap kick cross the line into his own hands for the first down. He wouldn't have to get the first down yardage, just as long as the ball is kicked across the line of scrimmage.

And key turning point was the many third down gambles, especially the one in the third qtr. After the blew team close in. @ 22-16

Either that, or decide on the fly that it's better to give up the safety instead of having it blocked, and just go down. Maybe with more experience.

That's more like it! I'm a little perplexed how some can like the fact that he didn't make an effort to avoid a blocked punt.

Waters did it in the game, quite effectively.

That too!

Yes, good one!

Gutsy calls, and nice to see their success!