Highest rated TiCat/Argo regular season game ever

Sara Moore ?@CFLSara 5h
#argos #ticats Thanksgiving Classic game on Monday was the most watched regular season contest EVER btwn these 2 teams: 956,000 #CFL #TSN



Jamie Dykstra ?@CFL_PR 23 Sep
#CFL NAPA #TDAtlantic game b/w @MTLAlouettes & @Ticats averaged 909,000 viewers on #TSN & #RDS, +93% from 2011 TDA & +39% from 2010 TDA

Mike Hogan ?@tsnmikehogan 16 Sep
#Argos at #Riders drew 1,069,400 viewers. In TO it drew a 1.6 share of 25-54 yr old viewers, trailing only CTV Nat News and SNL for Sat #CFL

EVER? or as in TSN ever

I think TV numbers are BS anyways no real way to tell who's watching and how old they are

Too bad so many Cats fans stayed at home to watch.
There were way too many Arblow fans at the game.
Hopefully we'll buy every ticket available for our home playoff game.
Own it!

Thanks for posting Cap'n

Great numbers for the CFL,
It shows that there is interest in the huge Southern Ontario market.
A market that we all seem to think does not exist!
The league is thriving right now,
With all the new Stadiums, and the big T.V. contract next season
the CFL's future is looking real good

The TV numbers in Southern Ontario have been on par with the rest of the CFL. Great to see the Thanksgiving Day Game almost hit a Million.
The fans are there hopefully Braley will pick the right site in the GTA to build a stadium where fans will come and suites will be sold

It shows the rivalry wasn't stoked up this year like it usually is because of the stadium situation. It really hurt attendance for Southern Ontario.

:thup: Wow that's unreal , bigger then any Labour day classic , end of summer people are still getting home etc I guess .......

While not a lot of people at Argo games, I do know a lot of people in Toronto despise Hamilton in many respects and the gridiron is one way this can be played out, even if it's just a TV thing. Example, I was at a funeral for my uncle today in North York and my brother in law who is a typical Torontonian perhaps with the "who cares about the little Grey Cup and Canadian football" type of talk mentioned he watched the Argo-Cat game on Monday and it was an excellent game and Argos need to shape up.

Awesome numbers, would have been even higher if truly in prime time.
On a similar topic, most of us have been saying the league schedule in the fall should have most games on Sunday, do the doubleheader.
Go against the No Funners as there is no competition.

I would agree a suday double header in the Fall could be great for ratings as well as attendance.
Right now Montreal plays its home games in the fall on Sundays at 1:00 and do very well.
Not sure what the Ridrs preference Saturday or Sunday as they do pull fans from all over the province to the game.
Calgary and Edmonton home games on Sundays as the second part of an Als Doubleheader should do well.
However the CFL and TSN need to keep that friday night football league staple going.
Of course a 10 theam with 5 games a wee instead of four would allow for more flexibility.

Agreed, the Friday Night game is crucial.
We must get that 10th team soon.

I just don't think people realize how important it is to get a 10th franchise. Its not just about getting a team in the Maritimes or in QC just for expansion sake. It goes much deeper with scheduling, TV slots, etc.
Thats when people think that it is just the same old pipe dream they could not be more wrong everyone involved with the CFL will prosper form a 10th team. From owners to sponsors to TSN to players
Even if there gets to be a chance to get a team in both locations scheduling an 11 team league playing 18 games of 20 weeks with each team getting a bye in weeks 1-10 and 11-20 works out nicely.