highest paid canadian

We generally think that Ray and Calvillo are the highest paid guys in the CFL at $400,000-500,000/yr.
Lots of comments that Fantuz is asking for too much although it may be speculation.

My question is only: “Does anyone know who the highest paid Canadian is in the CFL. And does anyone know how much they earn?”

Not a question about whether Fantuz is worth x. (focus is wanted here).

Fantuz is not worth more than $200,000/yr.

nobody is going to shell out $200,000 for him. Riders already offered him that and he declined.

Eskimos' Tillman will not offer more than that already.

Fantuz is going to either find himself out of work and on the sidelines or he'll bite the bullet and take the $200,000 from the Riders.


Focus: Who is the highest paid Canadian?

because nobody knows..

it's not like they give out everyone's contract info.

WIth a good QB, maybe he is worth it. I'd like to see what he could do with Lulay or AC.

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On topic, it will likely be Fantuz. I know McCallum is making great money but not quite $200k.

I would agree Paul is up there as one of the highest paid Canadians in the CFL.

The CFLPA should push hard for all player salaries to be made public. From a player's perspective it makes absolutely zero sense to have the contract info so confidential. The NHL used to be the same way - - everyone's contract was kept hush-hush. Then when there was full disclosure everyonme was shocked to see how underpaid some guys were and how overpaid others were.

Not only will it reward the players with pay-for-performance, it will make the GMs more accountable for giving out stupid deals. Imagine Fantuz looking at Edmonton and saying "you overpaid paid Bauman X dollars and overpaid Kabongo X dollars, now you're going to have to pay me more than you paid those two stiffs".

Fans would have looked at Tillman as soon as he signed Bauman and immediately questioned his sanity - - "you made Bauman the highest/second highest/third highest paid Canadian on the team? !?"

Win/Win all around - - publicizing the CFL salaries will benefit the players the perform, weed out the players that are deadwood, and punish the GMs who make stupid signings.

Taman said “around 200k” that could be anything from 176k to 199k and no he will not be on the sideline and no he will not have to take the Riders offer or be unemployed. Fantuz agent will get calls from every GM in the league and he will get a few nice offers.

McCallum, Brown,Cahoon and Bourque were/are probably the highest paid Canadians in the league.

Agreed. Obviously Fantuz has options besides Saskatchewan - - it's not like he's a restricted FA. The original quote that Fantuz has to decide between either the Riders for $200k or not playing anywhere is one of the most senseless post here in a while - - not surprising it came from a Rider fan.

I'd laugh my ass off if Fantuz walks away from the $200k offer from Saskatchewan and signs somewhere else for $125k.

So no one knows who the highest paid is
no one knows what anyone makes
yet we continually say so and so is not worth x

There has to be a better way to talk sports.
have a good time guys.
see ya.

Rider fans tried to trade him (cflisthebest) to the Stamps last year but the vets vetoed the trade. :lol:

Salaries are not disclosed. Anyone answering your question is pulling a rag out of their hars

Come on back Flag enlighten us :stuck_out_tongue: ; Paul McCallum around $180,000? but the only thing is, no link to prove it.
Perhaps later in mid week; we'll find out the dollars on X compared to Y...ect.

It is generally regarded that highest paid Canadian over the past few years was K. Eiben with the Argos. Ricky Foley also had his contract details fully published, which pays him $155k a season, including roster bonuses but not incl. incentives or performance bonuses.

P. Macallum's contract last season was $140k. Buono asked him to take a salary cut so the Lions could keep Sean Whyte also...Mac refused and Whyte was traded. Mac resigned this season for a reported increase...and why not, he's the best kicker and punter in football. :thup:

There are many Canadian OL'men who are earning nice 6-figure salaries...and also several other high paid non-imports in other positions.

I don't necessarily agree with publicizing player salaries. All it will do is drive up salaries and bring ridicule upon the league when 1/3rd of the players are making in the $40 and $50k range. If players are willing to sign for $43k why pay them $60k or $80k?

Same as the secret negotiation lists. Some teams have college freshmen on their lists who have several more years of college eligibility. Again publicizing this is not good press or will not help teams sign players. The neg lists could be cleaned up by perhaps allowing only seniors and graduates to be claimed and then publicized...or better yet hold a proper CFL draft of American players.


I would think Josh Bourke would be a good guess.

I was waiting for this rebuttal.

There's no basis for worrying about potential ridicule. Is the CFL salary cap widely publicized common knowledge? Yes. For 2012 it's $4.35m. Is the minimum CFL salary widely publicized common knowledge? Yes. For 2012 it's $44,000.

As long as there's a salary cap, you're never going to see a team that doesn't have a bunch of guys making the league minimum. Pretty sure if there's a 5th round draft pick or an undrafted FA that decides he's not going to play for the $44k minimum and holds out for $80k, there's going to be a line of guys with just as much talent willing to take his spot at the minimum.

How about this rebuttal: it's none of your damn business.

I don't care what a person does for a living, it is no one's business what that person makes. You don't pay the players out of your pocket, so why does it matter what their salaries are? You don't ask a perfect stranger on the street what they make, and that is what these players are: complete strangers. Knowing how much a player makes does not increase your enjoyment of the game, nor does not knowing detract from it. There is no good reason to make salaries public.

You might want to go back and re-read my original post on the subject - - making CFL salaries public knowledge will provide the greatest benefit to the players. Look at what happened to NHL salaries once they became public.

What other professional sports league keeps player salaries top secret classified information? Quick...name one?

Being an ostrich and keeping your head buried in the sand when it comes to money is the biggest mistake people can make. I've never understood why some people consider money and earnings to be such a taboo subject that should never be talked about.