High Snaps

Why was their so many fraggin high snaps tonite . I counted about 6 ! But then again why would the center not want to board the " we sucked " train .


My spell check would normally flag this word, but, since I'm on Ticats.ca it let it fly.

Yes, Those high snaps.

You counted six. I was't counting but I would guess about . . . toooooooooooooo FN many.

Having to jump up and snatch the ball like that every play takes away the QB's first 2 steamboats, or mississippis or maybe in ontario you call them Mississaugas.

Either way. As a coach, having to watch the past two weeks of footage to identify all your problems will keep Taafe up all night.

Man was that bad.

Those snaps had more hangtime than a Jason Maas throw.

We should just turn the centre backwards and let him snap the ball to the recievers downfield!

We should play Williams at QB -- he is the tallest.

Oh, I think there were well more than six; Chang managed to make some look less serious than they were.


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lol....well said...