High Snap!

I see we are on the attack mode so we should mention the high snap that ended up a safety ...2 points..and how many did we lose by? Sorry with the lacking offense but "CHEERS TO THE DEFENSE".

I've heard it said that the defense is usually ahead of the offense at the beginning of the season.

Remembering the last two years, one game does not determine anything.

Patience and determination got us to the summit before.

We'll be there when it matters.

I agree with you on this, and mentioned it in another post as well.

at what point of the game was the high snap?

10:35 left in the second quarter.

I see. ...O.P., are you suggesting that because of the safety that was given up in the 2nd quarter , that is the reason we lost?

And by suggesting that, what you are saying is that EVERY SINGLE PLAY on the field for the remainder of the game would have transpired EXACTLY the way it did on Friday?

Yeah , I don't think so.... :roll:

10:35 left in the 2nd quarter. Yes, they had lots of time to get the points "back", but a point-is-a-point, no matter when it is scored. Source: http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/statsGame/id/12851

I'm with you, DCF, on your "point-is-a-point" point and, while many won't agree, it's also true that the outcome of the first game of a regular season is equally important to that of the final game of a regular season.

of course a point is a point and perhaps if it had occurred in the last 3 minutes of the game then even more importance but to suggest that the 2 points given up in the 2nd quarter is the reason why we lost the game by only 2 points is crazy.....


true a point is a point but the whole context of the play was changed by giving up 2. who knows...maybe the punt would have been returned for a TD or at least field position would change. cats gained yardage no doubt with giving up 2 points.

:thup: :thup: :thup: EXACTLY...Thank you Iceman for stating the obvious. :thup: :thup:

Not losing too much sleep over the high snap tbh!

We will put the smacketh down on the Bummers, that'll cheer you up :rockin:

The way I'm reading the game stat sheet, it looks to me like the "Cats were punting from their 11-yard-line when the ball was snapped over JM's head (-31 yds). On the kickoff from the 25 after the safety, there was a 30-yd return, and eventually a punt-single, so a total change of 3 points. It's interesting to note that Medlock's punting has not been the greatest so far this season, as noted by the recent signing of Hugh O'Neill, but it's always fun to speculate what MIGHT have happened if he had a clean snap at that point in the game.

Actually they were at the 31. (Read where the previous play ends)
I guess "yards lost" is only counted to the goal line.
Not that it matters to the point you were making.

I was counting the 20-yd end zone where JM kicked it OOB. My bad.

If this offence was committed to scoring TD's we wouldn't have to worry about anything else as we have the ability to score in other areas as well like defence and special teams play as we do.

Scoring TD's on interceptions and punt returns should be a bonus to the overall performance of your offence when they score 2 or 3 TD's per game but when you have to rely on your defence and special teams to win games for you it's pretty tough to win.

Score more TD's on Offence and you will see a big lift for this team.


Agreed. ONE offensive TD and we wouldn't be hiving this conversation.

We don't suggest but we are saying we loss by a point...does it matter when it happens...math is math...I didn't know that some points count more than others?

Cheers...you are so right!!