High Player Turnover in Steeltown?

Found this article under Opinions Aug 12 by Bernie Hudecki

All on active CFL rosters
Matt Buckner, Chris Williams, Joel Figueroa , Neil King, Simeon Rottier, Marquay McDaniel, Anthony Woodson, JoshBartel, Peter Dyakowski, Ed Gainey, Kevin Glenn, Bakari Grant, Chad Owens, Matt Coates, Dan LeFevour, Justin Medlock, Rico Murray, Johnny Sears, Greg Ellingson,
Armand Gascon-Nadon, Mossis Madu, Brett Maher,Quincy Mc Duffie,Taylor Reed, Brandon Rutley,Tiquan Underwood, Sam Giguere, Kyries Hebert,Eddie Steel, Bryan Hall and Brian Simmons
All castaways not good enough for a 0-7 team ?
Talent level 2017?
Ticat Jerseys should have Velcro removable names so you don't have to always buy a new Jersey !

Huge problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Why are the players not resigned and do well elsewhere.Player evaluation and scouting is at the base of this issue.

Moot point unless you do the same for the EIGHT OTHER TEAMS in the league.

I have not seen you make a positive post anything about the team, EVER. I know the team sucks right now, but your continued whining and complaining like a 4-year-old is tiring. Please, grow up.

Agree. Some of those players weren't even let go by the current regime, eg McDaniel & Glenn.

I was starting to think I was the only one annoyed with this guy! Thank god someone else spoke up.
You know....there are some people who are always "half empty" thinkers. Some on this board are just "empty".

Welcome to the salary cap world....
Simeon Rottier left because he wanted to be out west...was offered great money here
Ed Gainey was also released by Montreal...not just a Hamilton thing
Kevin Glenn has played for every team in the league except for Edmonton...some twice
Chad Owens hasn't played a down yet for Saskatchewan
Johnny Sears spent more time on the injury list here than on the field
Greg Ellingson another often injured player in Hamilton
Mossis Madu had to displace c J Gable
Justin Medlock....Brett Maher....we now have Sergio Castillo...where's the loss??
Tiquan Underwood....dropped too many passes here
Bryan Hall...also released by the argos....
Bakari Grant....took some foolish penalties..also cut by Calgary
Quincy McDuffie...also released by Winnipeg
Chris Williams...contract dispute...decided not to report...
Neil King...had to displace Craig Butler....
Dan LeFevour...also cut my Montreal....under current circumstances I'd rather have Jeremiah Masoli

The REAL list isn't that long....EVERY TEAM IN THIS LEAGUE has one....

When signing ANY player it's a crap shoot...sometimes you win...and sometimes....

You can look at film...talk to other coaches...gather scouting reports...you just don't know until the individual dons your uniform and plays in your system...

How many free agents and Heisman trophy winners have arrived in this league and flamed out?? You would think that they would be more of a sure thing....

It' seems it is time for me to grow up. As a season ticket holder for many years I can vent my frustrations like anyone else. So suck it up butter cups. When the Cats behave and act like the Calgary Stampeders you will see my "reality" comments on this forum. No depth or scouting and horrible player decisions made by Austin. The same Austin who hasn't won a game since last September. So let's compare Calgary's record to Hamilton record including injuries. No contest Hamilton sucks under Austin's direction. When depth and player performance and evaluation improves drastically this team will continue the same path since 2000. Prove me wrong!

Thank God we still have Johnny Aprile :wink:

I'd love to see one of the people who keep raising this point construct the roster they feel we should have. It would include 125 players.

At kicker: Medlock, Hugh O'Neill, Maher and Castillo.

At receiver: Giguere, Chris Williams, Jalen Saunders, Quincy MacDuffie, Luke Tasker, Chris Williams, Tiquan Underwood, Bakari Grant, Chad Owens, Toliver (injured), Marquay McDaniel, Ellingson, Aultman, Coates, Fantuz, Aprile, Mike Jones, Aaron Kelly, and Onrea Freakin Jones.


We'll just keep all of them. Forever. And they will all start every game. We will have 16 one-thousand yard receivers on our roster. We will spend triple the maximum allowed by the salary cap. To heck with league rules.

Oh, and we have to start including clauses in all contracts that says our players will never have free agency status. They are indentured servants to the Tiger-Cats. To heck with the collective agreement.

There. Problem solved?

But players leave when they go to FA, they go to the highest bidder. Some players leave to go to try the NFL. Not many are "cast offs"

And, ExPat, we could make a substantial list of players that have come here from other teams and flourished.

But, those who criticize thismanagement NEVER want to look at or even talk about that.

It doesn't fit with their preconceived opinions.

There have been a number of players who have re signed with this team.
Important to note since as free agents they have the option to go elsewhere and didn't.
It's not justa money thing,they have faith in our team and coaches.

Hamilton needs to hire or lure away the Edmonton Player personal guy whoever he
He has a bottomless pit when it comes to finding talent.


It’s a bit funny to see the complaints about these lists of ex-Ticat players released or traded and now playing for other teams.

Earlier in the year, as free agency passes and training camp approaches, every time some player is cut by another team there is someone here who says the Ticats should promptly sign him, because he “would look good in black and gold.”

Cats99: Wrote : I guess the entire
CFL Panel is wrong to say our Talent level had gone down in
2017 I guess they are all
wrong and all us armchair QB
Can't help but notice a 0-7 record doesn't reflect this as it's not like this Team is not trying hard to win !


It's not only a question of finding talent; it's a question of how good your assessment of talent is.
Case in point - Matt Nichols. Yes, hindsight is 20-20, but wouldn't he look real good now in a Ticats uniform?
Winnipeg gambled, took a chance, & won.
And they couldn't pry Dave Dickenson to be their coach, if they flashed a lot of $$s his way?
How many lost opportunities before Management says - 'we are doing it all wrong'?
But who will step up to say it?
You want real changes? Positive ones? Just don't show up to the games.
I guarantee that will fix it....
The Eagle

It's mid season.... you're not prying anyone from anywhere except out of retirement.
It's stupid to think otherwise. Yes I'm calling your idea stupid.

show up, don't show up.... doesn't much matter, can't change too much this year aside from the crowd noise level.

I'm planning on showing up.

I don't understand. Are you saying Nichols used to be a Cat and we let him go? Or that we should have traded for him in Sept 2015 when Collaros was at his peak?