High expectations...

Ill admit i had ridulously high expectation when casey printers stepped onto the field to take the first snap. But he walked into the press conference talking baout what a show he was going to put on for us. all i have to say is printers, welcomne to steel-town

granted he does come across as rather arrogant, but have SOME patience

I guess your right these things take time

I know that the TSN crew didn't have a lot of positives to say about Printers comments at his press release; and his comments to the team after the Argo game. I wonder how Charlie took it when he waived the FG team off and went for it on 3rd down. Openly second guessing a coach doesn't usually go over too well.

yea thats true but he got the first down and theres really nothing taaffe could do hes payin him big money why not listen to his judgment esspecially with nothing to lose.

he hasn't been in such a losing enviroment before..

He was given the reigns of a team on the brink of total collapse.

BC he had a great system and loads of talent
KC he had an ok system and good talent

He is in Hamilton now..where talent is evident on paper but falls to the wayside on gameday.

Problem is....Casey Printers wants to win so bad that maybe he will go elsewhere..either by trade or ask for his release..I hope he sticks around and we can build a winning team aroudn him but I truly believe he will be fed up and leave before his contract is up.