High Expectations = Disapointment

The BUZZ for the upcoming Eastern semi final appears to be at an ALL time low.
A normal Argo vs. Cats clash usually has more anticipation than the Eastern Semi Final appears to be drawing.
Maybe I am misreading this but the teams disastrous second half of the season has really deflated the momentum the team had.
I hope the crowd and players crank it up real good come Sunday and blow the Argo out of the stadium!!!

Nope. We've been demoralized. I'm keeping my hopes in check so as to avoid too much disapointment. There is a very good chance we lose Sunday.


...but on the plus side if the Ticats win, I'm going to be happier than any of you...

8) Yep, you're right. It is very hard to beat any given team 4 times in a row during a season, especially with what are QB
  situation is now !!

  I try to be optimistic, but in reality the odds are against the Cats at this point in time !!

I am going and looking forward to it. Plus, the team is 500 tickets short of a sell out. Given the average ticket price, that is a positive.

I sensed the same lack of intensity too. We are outside the TSN 1150 broadcast zone, so can only get Ti-Cat news throught this forum and the website. Feels like the Montreal game at THF - everything was flat before, and during the game. Same for the first Ottawa game I thought. No buzz in the stands. The only excitement was from Mike Nabburs, pleading with us not to throw the mini-balls on the field. Too solemn a mood.

Maybe we have directed too much venom at Henry and the RBs and don't have anything in the tank? I'll be there regardless, and even typing this, I can feel the bile rising! What's the old saying "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" Go get 'em Cats!

Problem is, the fans have more than risen to the occasion, it's the team that hasn't.

If you can't get up for a Ticat/Argo game you may as well buy a defibrillator.

loyal: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's about it!

The problem this time around is that it s not a fair fight when the Blue team has their #1 QB back and their #2 QB did a fine job as the back up for most of the season.
In our case.....it's no wonder we are demoralized. Our #2, #3 and #4 QB's are inexperienced, ineffective and unreliable. No team should be in that position. In the CFL experienced back-ups are a necessity. We have proved that and paid the price.
If Zach had gone down earlier in the season we would likely have lost every game and been a distant 4th place in the east.

I still think this Saturday's game is winnable..IF the backup/backups are coached to just "drive the bus" and let the backs and receivers do the work. This wild and crazy pass-happy offence is far too risky and our O-line is being manhandled by opposing defences. I'm looking forward to see how Austin/Condell choose to take on the Blue team. 

Our defence will likely be well-prepared so that is one advantage we have going for us...unless they are forced to spend too much time on the field.

Never say die! :thup: :thup: :thup:

As one of the 5th quarter callers stated " it's like a prize fighter with one arm tied behind his back." Hardly a fair fight, but there is nothing fair in football. The situation could be the same for the Arblows if Ricky Ray and Trevor Harris were both down for the count. One thing for sure we will be there with the expectation of winning and looking forward to Austin and Condell scheme to defeat the boys down the QEW. This could be an interesting off season.

I'm doing everything not to be up for this game so as to avoid the big let down. Our chances don't look good with the beat up defence and depleted O so I'll be rooting hard but with a heavy heart to the season that should have been. This is the toughest season as a fan for me in my 50 yrs.

I'll admit the game is barely registering in my brain. Hardly excited at all. In fact, I'm almost in disbelief that we're even playing. Its true, all my emotion went into the Ottawa series, now I'm just deflated.

The crowd amped it up last year for the EDF, I'd be surprised if it feels much different from a typical home game this year. But who knows? Come Sunday I might have that buzz again, or maybe Masoli puts a drive together on the first series and suddenly we all start believing.

Afterall, I do think we can still beat anybody if the defense shows up, the QB does enough to avoid giving them too many short fields and a few of the bounces go our way.

If the game does not sell out, I will be disappointed.

Ooops. I mentioned the game as being played Saturday. :oops:

I’ll put it down to wishful thinking. I may miss some of the fourth quarter because of a previous commitment late Sunday afternoon. :cry:

With a QB that will pull it down an run and take hits (plus he is small in stature) expect injuries. Not to have an experienced backup qb in an 18 game schedule is an issue and it looks like it is too late to fix. Too bad considering the year the special teams and defence had. Not selling out yet with the Argos coming to town for playoff game shows there is no confidence in the and its weak offence

No team has a good backup till the starter gets hurt. It's the nature of CFL. The backup is in development, sometimes ready sometimes not. It's not a problem or shortcoming of the coachs as you have often suggested.

Over the decades I have felt let down by the crowd numbers attending playoff games at Ivor Wynn.
Luckily the crowds have made up for the short numbers by their excitement & gung ho cheering .
I am content to be cheering for the under Cats (not dogs) in possibly the next three playoff games .
Havn't we done well as under Cats the past two years?
We've got them right where we want them,Tim Horton Field.

Seasoning of back up QB's is a intelligent coaching strategy ,putting the back up in the game in the fourth quarter when up by a large margin.I agree with this approach ,it would take years of light seasoning to get results but any result might make a difference in a future game,like the one we lost to the Eskimoes.

The most important point most likely is how does pulling your starting QB affect the starters morale ,how does it affect his chemistry with the team ,does the starter feel you are taking away from his development and thus you the coach have started a controversy ,you have put a seed of doubt in the starting QB's mind?
I do not know,but sitting in the bleachers I like to think I do and would have put in the back up QB when leading by a large margin in several games this season. I doubt if that little bit of time would have helped Mathews much,but could we have beat the Moes in that first game where he virtually gave the game away with interceptions by trying to do too much in a careless manner?

Most teams have a step down once the starting qb is out, but Austin's team fell into the abyss. We have seen 3 qbs crash and burn. In an 18 game season not having at least one experienced backup is inexcusable. Going forward with the way Collaros plays, small frame/runs around expect more of the same. I am a Zac fan but 2 years as a starter he has played one season.

This doom & gloom sucks way more than the Argos.
This is a fine football team that we will enjoy for years to come.
Throwing our guys under the bus is wrong. Very wrong.
I love this team, & I know they play their hearts out for us.
That has always been good enough for me.
Honour before Glory.