I see the Als let Higgins go.....and HE was successful to some degree. I still wonder why the Riders passed up the bye week opportunity. Oh well I guess more guys go except at year end (?)

They were left with little choice after the media leak. They either had to be forced to make a move instantly or basically wait until the end of the season (barring a massive turn around)

Also, how do you define success? Chamblin has a Grey Cup ring as HC of the Riders. Tom Higgins's big accomplishment was going 9-9 last season on the back of a defence in a year when his GM had to fire his own OC and bring in a phalanx of consultants just so he could lose the EDF to Hamilton, whose KR Brandon Banks decimated our special teams unit, which was coached by ... Tom Higgins. This year, it's been the same gong show and management had evidently had enough. Hats off to them.

After watching the game last night and the schmozzle of rotating qb's I think that was the final straw. Sitting Bowman was not a well received move by the players and this also may have had a part in the decision. Higgens did have some head scratchers as far as decisions as the HC. Wonder if the whole handling of Sam played a part in it too.