...congrats to our coach for winning COTY award today........missed the open chat, would've liked to have seen what Tom's thoughts were.....the club was made a little stronger today by this award......

He deserved it! Now the Stamps must continue to climb and improve, so those F-troops years are nothing more than a minor blip of history!

RNR, shut the **** up, this guy desevres this award, unlike like ticker bell Macocia. Hope this year Berry gets it, and down the line Pinball does.

only when they dance after the 3nd down, not before.

........hey, too bad someone erased wicky's postings, I thought you had zinged him pretty good there KK......

why thank you, RW. I know I;ve siad it before, but it ticks me off when people like him do stupid crap like that.

be warned everyone, I find you talking down a team on there forum, I will attack, and turst me, you don't want that.

Can you erase something completely and then everything disappears?

BTW, congrats to Higgins, he deserves this award cuz he has done an outstanding job in Calgary that I'm sure will last for years to come!

compared to your coaches for the last 5 years hes done a good job

there, see, didn't that feel better than dissing them eh?

i still thnk hes a crappy voach..but hes just not as crappy as the blue bombers have been

oh, just you want untill your EE fall to the mighty flying BOMBERS!!!

Bombs Away on Commonweath Stadium!!!

so, reds, was it Higgins or does his staff deserve most of the credit and what about Barker.....I only ask because we all know how it ended in Edmonton for him....

.....definately a team effort.......I guess if they gave out an award called 'entire coaching and front end staff of the year' then the stamps would have been nominated there too.......Higgins is fortunate to be surrounded and supported by competent and skilled assistants and a man like Barker out there beating bushes to find talent certainly doesn't hurt either........having an owner group that allows their football-knowledgeable people call the shots is extremely beneficial as well.......

it must be sweet for him to win the award......he deserves it.