Two weeks in a row the Stamps are down 8 in the 4th quarter and score a TD. Two weeks in a row the Stamps don't go for 2, instead go for 1 and stay down by 1. Two weeks in a row the Stamps lose by 1 after no more points are scored. Higgings is an idiot.

If they dont win in the playoffs this year i think he will be done.

He’s moving upstairs already I think, wasn’t that part of the 3 year plan, but Creehan was supposed to assume the head coaching role.

I think they'd be better off with Creehan.

Rumour has John Hufnagel as head coach next
year. Supposedly he's a friend of Hellards.

I see Higgins being offered a new role, not sure whether he'll accept it.

Hufnagel would be even better. Where has he been since he was Offensive co-ordinator of the Giants?

Next time the Stamps score a TD in the first quarter, they better go for two just in case there is a possibility they might find themselves down by one later in the game.
They ought to decline any penalties that call back an opposition fieldgoal as well so that they can get possession of the ball quicker giving them more time to score....

I think just sitting back and collecting his cheque from the giants.

He's worked with Cortez before, so who knows.

Higgins go for two????

Now thats a good one!

I heard that rumour from a Stamps fan Saturday night too. Was that you Eskylo? :lol: :lol: :lol:

sitting out collecting a paycheque from the Giants. He had time left on his contract when they turfed him.

Nope, first time Ive mentioned it.

Yeah im pretty sure he had time left.

Maybe one day a miracle will happen and Arius will have something intelligent to say!

...well, that was a worthwhile post (not)...

...anyway, its a ploy to lull playoffs teams into thinking we will never go for two points...you wait, I've nailed this 100%....

Well, if I recall correctly, in both games he had 5 mins left in the game. That should be adequate time to get the ball back and score.

If anything, I really don't see anything wrong with a HC putting faith in his D and O to stop the other team and put enough points on the board with that amount of time remaining, esp. in the CFL.

But what really irks me is that if you go for two, and fail, the most you will be down by is two points!

I mean you have Deangelis[sp?] who is pretty much money, to kick a FG. Only down by 2 points, you win if its good.

But I can see his logic too. Being down by only 1 if he misses then at least you will tie the...

CLANG ouch. Hits the upright, dead ball, turnover from the spot of the kick.

...um...oops? Should have gone for two after all, Coach. :twisted:

why is it that I keep expecting to hear tom selleck voice???

I think he had about 5 minutes left two weeks ago, and around 7 this week.
Not very many (any?) coaches would go for two in similar situations.
But it is certainly not the type of thing worth second guessing a coach over and no coach has ever been fired for it.
So if for some strange reason they do replace Higgins, it won’t be over that issue…

"HIGGINS...where are the keys to the Ferrari...?"

Almost ANY coach would go for two with this amount of time left.

According to some of the media here he is done. He will have a front office job but it sounds very much like Hufenagels team next year. Win or lose Higgens will not be coaching next year I would bet.