Higgins you gotta go...

....So coming to the aid of a fellow player gets you fined....Sorenson, Jovon, and Morley...This guy , the head of officiating is becoming a joke...So are we supposed to read out of this that , NOT allowing your qb. to be hit illegally and saying so, is subject to a fine :lol: ...For cripes sake Higgins do you think at all....It's just as stupid as Jordan Youngers comment about the incident...He thinks it was still a legal hit even though Isaac was fined for the hit to Bucks head....He went on to say that ' I guess the qb. gets SPECIAL consideration because they're an integral part of the game....DUH....All of this is sending a message that in someway it's okay to injure a qb. in that manner...BUT DON'T TRY TO PROTECT OR COME TO THE AID OF YOUR QB. ... :thdn: Yeah right, after we witnessed a NO-CALL by the refs. on that same sort of play to Brink.. Maybe in that game, Hall or one of our linemen, should have gave Jackson the same treatment in retaliation , rather than voicing their crticism about the illegal hit, like Jovon and the others did...... Maybe guys like Younger will feel a little different after their qb. is laid-out..Seems that's the way this thing is headed...Higgins you sent the wrong message, you got to go :thdn: :thdn:

Higgins' biassed Incompetence is being filtered down to the refs. I used to be a great fan of hockey but now rarely watch a game because I just don't have the heart to watch players' careers ended by a league that refuses to protect its players. What's even more disconcerting is the CFLPA's position on the matter.

You have to wonder how Buck would be doing if he had not received so many illegal hits. There was a time when our game was as violent but players respected the opponent's right to earn a living. Is it going to become something not worth watching?

Isn’t there a thread by that title aready :lol:

.....Oh there are probably a lot of threads on this incompetent head of officiating...Someone will catch up to this joker sooner or later and can his a$$. :thdn: Can't be too soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

....It;s being reported that Buck has paid the fines of the players who went to his defence....classy act. :thup:
AND he won't play Mon. because of the concussion

I feel you. I'm fedup with seeing Quarterbacks go down and sit up with the "lobotomy" look in their eyes. It is happening way too often.

Here is the reality of being a pro QB ! Your going to end up with a lasting headache after your done playing. They know what they are getting themselves in too! They are big boys and no need to fret about them!

I agree but there are different kinds of headaches and there is a point where the body says enough. You see it with boxers/fighters at some point they go from having a steel jaw to recurring knockouts. Not saying this is the case for Buck but healing time and rest after a blow like that is very important.

The easiest way to lose a fan like myself is to have reffing inconsistencies. This league is rife with it. From Higgins down there seems to be an " oh well, we'll correct it later" attitude. 15 yds. and a fine is not going to stop these hits. If a team loses a player like Isaacs, I don't think their year is done, but losing your QB is a different matter. Did Morley or Sorenson knock Isaacs out of the game? No, then fining them is a joke. Like Papa said, it sends the message that no matter what, you don't come to the defense of another player. Other teams and fans think that because Buck is injury prone that it's OK to smack him. Kick these offenders out for a season and maybe this will stop.

It is a human component of the game. No different than inconsistancy with players, management, coach, tv commentators and quality of the food in concessions. Your just angry/disapointed...

....ANGRY :twisted: AND DISAPPOINTED....you bet but nobody has to accept the crap the Bombers have been handed this year by the refs.....AND yes from our own management ( see moronic scheduling) to the ineptness of Lapolice (a guy we thought could/should be better after being in a Cup the year before) right down to some of the players indifferent play...You bet we're p'od...BUT as the eternal optimist I am....I'm already looking forward to the new stadium next year and the first round draft pick (which will probably be NO 1. overall :wink: )

It looks like it will be a great stadium.

As for the team they need a QB, improvement to the oline and an OC. That should be doable with a GM who is a go getter.

for sure cuz there are so many cfl qb's out there right now isnt there?