Higgins wins Coach of the Year Award! :)

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I have to say, definaly picked the right man this year. But I hope Pinball gets it some year if he hassen't already.


.......three very worthy candidates, each with an amazing '05 season.......congratulations to Higgins.........I was out at lunch and just missed the chat thing........did anyone take part?.......

tried, the thing didn't work. :evil:

Who the heck is Huggins?

.......I just saw that too.......sigh.....

Maybe he meant "Huggies"?

oh please, lets not get on that track again jm02

Don't blame jm for kanga's Freudian slip

I don't think pinballs season was so amazing. He got only one more point in the standings that the previous year but did finish first.
I was torn between Higgins and DM. Higgins turned the stamps around but Dm won the GC in his rookie season>

But DM was coaching a team that was just as good last year as this year, only this year they won. Higgins turned the Stamps around with a team that for the most part had never played together and he got them to gel quite nicely by Labour Day. Congrats to Higgins and hopefully we will beat your team next year as you swept the seaon in 05.

Go Riders!!

Yeah, even though I am a Stamps fan, Higgins definitely deserved most ... Considering how he turned the franchise around, he did much more than Maciocia or Pinball. (Would still be nice to see Pinball get it at some point.)

I think Maciocia deserved it more over Higgins. He made some really smart smoves that went overlooked.

  • Whenever the Eskimos needed a boost or help at a position, Maciocia always filled it. This was example with the Troy Davis/Dan Comiskey trade and when he traded for Kwame Cavil. (After Ed Hervey injured his leg)

  • Sean Fleming. He was struggling and Maciocia decided to bring in an American guy for a couple weeks and that really put a boost on Fleming and took some pressure off him. Sean came back and was definately the best kicker in the playoffs and the last 2 weeks of the regular season.

  • Traded for Joe Montford.

  • Brought Ricky Ray back

  • Handled the Jason Maas/Ricky Ray situation in the playoffs perfectly

Danny Maciocia should be Coach of the Year.

....I seriously doubt DM had all the influence in those trades you mention......not to say he didn't have a part, but you make it sound like he masterminded them solely.....doubt it......Dm had an amazing year though, it was a tough choice for the voters.....

Didnt Pinball win last year?

..'04........wasn't it Marshall?......

.....'twas Marshall.....

I think general manager Hugh Campbell was instrumental in most of the decisions and acquisitions since that was his job.

Tom Higgins turned a franchise around, got the Stamps a home play-off game, took new players and gelled them together, and got the city very excited about football and for those reasons I think he is coach of the year.

nice to see Higgins get teh award...he was the most deserving....this award is based on REGULAR season, not playoffs...so all those who thought DM should get it for winning the grey cup, that doesnt count, cuz that was playoffs not reg season....and reg season, Higgins stamps beat out DM's eskies, and had the bigger turn around from the season before.

and im right, cuz higgins won!

I’ll check with Hugh Campbell to see if thats true! :wink:

I think Higgins deserved the award....Anyone that can turn the mess around that F-troop left deserves it.

The key will be.....can they keep it up and continue to improve.

Agree,dg...he took a sad sack organization and gave them there first winning season, since the year2000.
Good job Ned Flanders..you deserve coach of the year..