Higgins sick after blown pass interference...

You quote me, then you talk as if I think the PI call was right. Did you make a mistake quoting me ,because nowhere did I state the call was correct and nowhere did I ever call him Frenchy Proulx. Mr. Proulx is just one of many that can screw a game up. If Winn. scores after this mistaken PI call, then Mont. would have lost the game due to the ineptness of the reffing. This is the gist of my post. They can't reverse the call on the field,or maybe they can, more ineptness, and there wasn't enough time left to even up like other posters have stated....Time and time again when somebody argues against the refs we hear the same old answers...they're only human...try reffing yourself....can't blame the refs for your team losing...time to move on...it evens up in later games...reffing is crap in every league. These excuses are getting worn thin. I'm stating this is a perfect example of what can happen and what affects the outcome. Hope it doesn't decide a Grey Cup, because it looks bad.

With the pass interference call, this is why i feel the wrong call was made ont he field:

Carr Had his back to the ref, so the ref could not see it was his arms around the DB, not the reverse. When Carr saw the throw was going over his head, he jumped to make it look like he had a chance at the ball, then fell back to make it look like he was interfered with. the ref was looking at the player(s) not the ball. Basicly, Carr pulled a sudin twin thing and took a dive know the game was over, and hoped for a call. he got it. in retrospect i kinda laughed and thought he should have got a grammy nod. But htis is just my interpretation.

Refs are part of the game and affect the outcome of every game, just like the weather, fan noise, travel and everything else that comes into play. For the most part I think the officiating in the CFL in the last two seasons has improved by leaps and bounds. They are not perfect, just like the players, coach and fans. If anything I would like to see players and coaches be penalized when they argue and try to influence the refs. Barker does it every single game. The league needs to start cracking down on the meddling. All it will take is for 2 or 5 fifteen yard penalties to be handed down to yapping coaches and players to end this crap... You don't see that kind of stuff in the NCAA or NFL because you will get tossed out and they know it.

Lmao I'm the biggest homer? Everyone here is a homer, did I say the PI call was wrong? Nope. I merely said that Winnipeg has been getting screwed over far more times than anyone else this season and it cost us another game ultimately on the one yard line.

As for the ass kissing done by the league,it might not be true but you can't deny they would rather see toronto win it than one of the alberta teams. You may not like it but its true. If sask keeps losing the casual fans will lose interest. the people driving from tuktyuktuk won't make the 5 hour trip on the bus rides to see a losing team and being a rider fan won't be the popular thing to do.

Can you give us examples, you claim that the refs are biased to Toronto, you claim that Winnipeg gets screwed over more... nothing to back it up. Last season when the refs blew the whistle and negated what would have been a game tie or winning touchdown by Cobourne did you see Montreal fans claiming refs were favoring BC? Your not making any sense. All this will go away if the league starts cracking down of the yapping and pressure put on officials by coach and players.

I'll give you an example. during the Argos, Ticat games Belton Johnson threw himself in Ricky Foley's knees and then spiked him in the groins whit a back kick ! Foley got ejected and Johnson got nothing. Is this how Toronto get's special treatment LOL !

Wow Nick, if the league was favoring Toronto and Saskatchewan so much, I highly doubt they would have the worst two records in the league. And if refs decide games according to you, why is Toronto and Saskatchewan last if the league are favoring those two teams?

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the only time i ever see REF favouring teams, is in big soccer matches where lots of money is on the game.

Declan Hill wrote a book callec "the fix." its really good.talks about Gangster money in the sport of soccer and fixing games.

Bomber fans need to stop with this world against them theory.

For your first post, that's pretty darn good!

Now Nick. . .Brink's first sneak was "definately" [sic] in ? How are you certain of that? Do you have x-ray vision or something? Heck, even LaPolice is not certain of that:

LaPolice did admit there was little in the review to overturn the two unsuccessful plunges from Brink. "I don’t think there was conclusive evidence," he said. "I have to agree with their statement.

From http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 68883.html

Now, I could not see from the replays that Brink had crossed the goal line; the officials on the field did not call it a TD; the CFL HQ brass reviewed that, and did not overturn it; and now Lapo agrees.

So how are you so certain that it is otherwise?

The first sneak was a tough one because the reply clearly shows that Brink’s head is over the line. You can’t see the ball. Depending on where Brink has the ball, it might be over the line (or not). That’s one of those calls that gets upheld no matter which way the officials on the field call it because the replay doesn’t help.

If Brink was holding the ball tight against his chest, I don’t think it got there. But there’s no way to prove that either way.

Absolutely correct Tridus. I think pretty well everyone from Higgins and Lapo on down to us posters here recognizes that. . . except for Nick. . .

In a way these things have a tendency to even out. Players who embellish are often remembered by the refs and don't tend to get calls that guys who go about there business and don't complain do. The fact is that refs are human and nobody likes to get embarassed. If a player sells a call and the ref buys it and looks bad, you can bet that player will be remembered by that ref.

As far as I've seen, yes, you are probably the biggest homer. I have not seen you make one objective statement. Now, I haven't seen everything you've written, so I won't say you haven't made an objective statement, just that I haven't seen one. And being a homer is fine. And yes, everyone here IS a homer from time to time. I sure know I can be, and I would guess everyone else here would admit to having homer tendencies every now and then. We cheer for the teams we cheer for and we are obviously biased, but that doesn't mean we can't also look beyond that. It would help you immensely to do take off the Winnipeg hat and see things from a different angle. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

Would you care to provide some proof of this? And don't just give anecdotal evidence either. Actually bring some video or photo evidence of all the times Winnipeg has been screwed.

Were they getting screwed during their 7-1 start or did this screwing just start happening around, oh, Labour Day weekend?

But you see, they never should have been on the one-yard line to begin with. So Winnipeg didn't get screwed; they were very fortunate to be in the position they were in.

I, like others, have a large HD TV and I couldn't tell if he got in. If they had ruled it TD to begin with, it doesn't get overturned. And as much as a Montreal loss would have been better for my team (the Cats would not be in second place), as a fan of the game, I would have been furious had the Als lost because of the worst PI call I have ever seen. Carr should get the Gemini for best actor because no one in Canada will top that performance.

Is there a clip of Carr "hugging" Laybourn? I'd like to see how blatant this miscall was..

On TSN's website go to the side and watch the highlights of the game, they show it a few times on there.

....This whole game was poorly reffed...As far as i.m concerned there was a fumble right off the bat by Whitaker when he was separated from the ball by Suber...That should have been challenged but unfortunatley wasn't...Phantom call on Suber for sure...Somebody said that he was getting away with holding all game...C'mon...I would have called a few on the Als. backs as well that went 'unnoticed'...It's so obvious that the refs were trying to make-up for blown calls on both sides...Did that eventually lead to the last-second goal line play by the Bombers being 'muffed'????I think if you look at the rest of the poor officiating that went on here...that could have been a distinct possibility :wink:

I agree totally, I don't know what the Winnipeg coach was thinking, it was clearly a catch and a funble. Don't blame the refs though blame Winnipeg coaching staff for sleeping through that one. I think LaPolice and Kavis Reid must both have gone to the same tailer and had the challenge flags sewn into their pockets.

Not sure how the ref missed that one as he was literally standing a few short feet away from the play...

You better provide a link or sombody will jump all over you. You can't expect people to look things up for themselves. :cowboy:

no need VOR....I looked it up for myself.... and yes, I'm an enigma. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nick, let's see what happens to Winnipeg and their "fans" when the Bombers start to suck again!?