Higgins sick after blown pass interference...

Tom Higgins comments that the pass interference call was the worst of the season and that the officials messed up on 3 of the 8 calls ! Basicaly they had no clue what they were doing out there....

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Higgins+sick+after+blown+call+against+Alouettes/5491557/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/H ... story.html[/url]

I hope they move forward (big learning awareness curve) with this now that the remaining games are more crucial.

see I was right!!

the call should have been a 10 yd penalty because it may have been PI but it was while the ball was uncatchable.

that's bad.

like how can you make errors like that?

Well we know who will not be reffing in the post season.

Good on the league and Higgins for not shying away from the obvious like most leagues would do. They see the problem and are not trying to defend the official by saying some bogus like it was a close call and could have gone either way.

too bad the league has to kiss the ass of montreal, Toronto, sask, cause they know teams like Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton will always have fans.

Brinks first sneak was definately in so dont even talk about being robbed.

Maybe he did score, but the point of everything was that they should not have been down there in the first place.

are you FOR REAL????????????


You're putting Winnipeg in the list of "Always have Fans"??

I'm laughing at you. you are such a ..

wasn't that long ago where Winnipeg was no where close to selling out their stadium! They had a Grey Cup a number of years ago and had lots of seats empty. nice try :thdn:

oh Nick, you still don't remember, Saskatchewan has the most fans in the entire Damn Country. we'll never have to worry about fan support.

and btw, Calgary has been known to have seats empty when they should be sold out.

I've got a 60"HD plasme screen and pvr feed and I couldn't make out if he broke the plane. You can't even see the ball on any of the angles. I'm curious to know how someone can claim he did cause no one else there or in the replay booth could. Xray vision I guess LOL

If it's accepted NOW that the refs messed the PI call, how can we possibly accept they got the goal line attempts right ?....The irony is that a lot of you janian fans that squawk that you can't blame the refs for a loss, readily accept that the PI call was wrong and if Win. scores, Mont. loses because of the refs!!! So, which is it ? Can the refs affect the outcome of a game, YES or NO ?

Aside from not supposed to have been there in the first place I also have a 60 inch TV and pvr and could not conclusively tell if he had crossed the goal line because you cannot see where the ball is in that mess of players. The correct call was a turnover on downs and a pass interference penalty on Carr that would be declined

The goal line attempts were proven correct by CFL HQ on video review. That's how we can accept them. Two sets of officials decided as such

I don’t know how you got that out of the article. Based on what Higgins said, an offensive PI against Winnipeg would have been more correct then anything against Montreal. It’s not a defensive penalty for an offensive player to grab you and then dive like he’s auditioning for a soccer team.

The best call would have been a non-call on that one. Game over.

Oh well, if we have 2 sets of officials calling it , it must be right!!!! I'm not saying Winn. lost because of the refs. I'm pointing out the hypocrisy. Now, Mada, I know you to be a reasonable poster, but wouldn't you be mad if Winn. had won that game on a call everyone has deemed bogus. Your team would have lost due to officiating. Imagine the posts....if Higgins said that the refs blew 3 out of 8 calls, it makes me wonder what other calls were missed. I think I might prefer it if almost no calls were made and let the players decide.

I am most sickened because that was a great game and comeback until that awful call when we had all the concocted drama the way I saw it. I almost wanted to turn it off after that call was made.

This game we love is supposed to be about good sport and not acting and drama on some stage.

No doubt I hope the league moves on big-time from those theatrics lest it wish to become more like Serie A Italian soccer used to be until they tightened up and Mexican soccer and the NBA still are now.

The whole affair was shameful and the only thing good I can say about it is at least truly the better team that day won and the team that did not truly earn the win did not have the win home-cooked for them, like a few of the worst football games ever especially in NCAA college football, by the referees.

You bring up a very good point Paolo... and I am not zeroing on any specific team. I am fedup with receivers telling refs to throw flags and little games like Carr did on the weekend. I can't count how many times I've seen the interference flag thrown late after the whistle or after the players and fans start booing and screaming.

League should start handing out penalties of unsportsman like conduct and end these "theatrics" like you say.

We see where the ball was thrown ( deep corner of the endzone while Carr is on the two yard line) not very difficult call to make... Weird Winnipeg fans can't see this.

The funny thing is Bomber fans were crying all week about "Frenchy" Proux coming to Winnipeg to steal the game from Winnipeg. They get the ref they want and still complain ...

LOL, dude you're easily the biggest homer here. Are you for real?
Try not to let a little objectivity get in the way of common sense.

Anyways, good on Higgins to point out what is already known. Friday night was an embarrassment for the league and had Winnipeg won on a abysmal call, Montreal would have had a legitimate beef.

Agreed 100%, and just so no one thinks I'm being an Als homer, I find Kerry Watkins to be one of the worst culprits when it comes to selling PI calls. Quite often, he gives up on a route and starts gesturing to the officials for a flag while the play is still going on. I'm sick of seeing it from him and other receivers on other teams. When there is pass interference, it should be called. Suber was guilty of PI a number of times in that game, some of which went unpenalized, but he was also victimized by a very poor PI call that set up a Montreal TD in the third quarter. That drives me nuts. Penalize a player based on what his actual infractions, not on this even-up BS philosophy that seemed to be at work particularly in the fourth quarter, and on that unbelievably bad PI call on Laybourn.

In any case, like others in this thread, I'm happy Higgins stepped up and admitted the officiating was awful.

Higgins is sure bold when the call doesn't decide the outcome of the game. I will expect the same candid reply from him the next time it does now. :cowboy:

I think he was just relieved the football gods (and the Montreal D) bailed the refs out. :stuck_out_tongue: