[i]Johnny wants to make sure that everyone knows that he thinks Higgins is a clueless dud, before he gets banned again. Johnny spoke his mind in the main forum and is waiting for the axe to drop…

Yup, Johnny couldn't resist pointing out the faults of the man who owns the company that programs and does the maintenance of this website. He also owns the Ticats! [/i]

Johnny, really I had no idea :smiley:

Every member on this site knows how crappy a job MRX does with this site. It shouldn't get you banned.

I have had some personal dealings with the MRX people. Back in 2009 as I was moving into semi-retirement I wanted to put together an all sports fan related website, something a little different from the usual that`s out there. I went down to Hamilton to meet with 2 of their people (not Mr. Young). They were very personable but not sold on my idea unless I would apply it to minor league hockey which was not my intent.

The real world getting in the way I havent really pursued it but still think its a great idea!

P.S. I should have told them never to ban Johnny! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

So far so good! Johnny gets to fight another day! :rockin:

Better take a valium everyone, I just swallowed mine!

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/higgins-to-return-in-2015-after-righting-alouettes-ship]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... ettes-ship[/url]

“Maybe it wasn’t the popular hire, the sexy pick. It was kind of an odd pick, but it’s worked out,? offensive-tackle Jeff Perrett said. “Maybe the guys took a while to buy into it. Once everybody did, look what we’ve done.

“I think he’s a great coach. Everybody loves him.?

If Jeff Perrett is endorsing him I guess we will have to accept.

But please, please a dedicated special teams coach!

I wish they would have waited until the season is over before making a decision. More incompetence from the owner.

Sigh. Wetenhall is a senile idiot.

2 zopi for me

Yeah, never mind the quality of the decision, the timing is just awful. And why on earth are we hearing about hiring decisions from the owner and not the GM? :thdn: :thdn:

The Euphoria of getting a 2 million dollar home game making the old man giddy.

[i]Because the organization is going to shid! Between senile old man Wetenhall, and Junior Wetenhall, this is a clown car freak show of how not to run an organization! Without Popp, Thorpe and the new coaches like Garcia, this team would be 2-14.

Say bye bye to Garcia and or Schonert for 2015. There is no room for all of them plus possibly Calvillo. More special team clusterfuchs and stupid coaching decisions aplenty!!!!!!

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL EFFIN DECISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/i]

Effectivement, Sheldon, c'est passablement ce qu'on devrait en penser.

Venant d'un vétéran comme Perrett, après des commentaires semblables de la part de Brouillette, on peut penser que Higgins est un meilleur entraîneur-chef qu'il ne paraît.

Mais oui, un autre entraîneur pour les unités spéciales, SVP!!!!

Johnny brings up a very good point about losing coaches. If we don't give guys like Schonert, Garcia, and Thorpe the chance to move up in the org, they will go elsewhere, just like Milanovich and Brady did. Especially since AC may very well join our coaching staff next year. Something has to give. We're going to jeopardize our long-term stability to keep Ned Flanders around because he puts the team on the "honour system" for not taking penalties? :wink:

This is just Wetenhall's ego talking. He hired Higgins over his GM's head and he can't face the thought that he goofed...

Je suis totalement en accord avec la décision de M.Wetenhall. Je n’ai pris aucune pilule suite à cette annonce. Il n’y avait aucune raison d’attendre plus longtemps. Tom Higgins a répondu aux attentes et,le plus important, la très grande majorités des joueurs sont derrière lui. Les commentaires de Jeff Perrett et Marc-Olivier Brouillette sont appropriés/révélateurs; peu d’entraîneurs auraient pu convaincre les joueurs d’adhérer à ses plans/son système après un record de 1-7.

Oui,des améliorations devront être apportées et je fais totalement confiance à Jim Popp,Tom Higgins et tout le personnel football. Le temps sera de leur côté,contrairement à la saison morte dernière.

J’imagine déjà tous les commentaires négatifs si les Alouettes perdent-ce que je prévois- samedi. Hamilton a une très bonne équipe. Leur lacune principale est la course au sol. Que le meilleur gagne!


If Higgins is so well-loved by his players, why won't they play good special teams for him? Why is every ST play marred by a penalty, poor execution, wasted timeouts, or big plays given up? Why can't we block for our kick returner?

Oh right. We've heard from exactly two players, Perrett and Brouillette. I must have missed the part where two players represented an entire team...

Je vois ici le même genre de réactions que lorsque les Alouettes avaient une fiche de 1-5.

Nous pensons tous (je m’y inclus) que Higgins n’a rien à voir dans le retournement de situation des Alouettes en 2014.

S’il est clair que les nullités spéciales sont toujours des nullités spéciales, il faut croire que Higgins a fait quelque chose de bon pour que son contrat soit renouvelé. Je ne crois pas que les Alouettes l’auraient reconduit dans ses fonctions (annonce qui montre qu’il avait une entente d’un an) s’il n’avait absolument rien à voir là-dedans.

La saison que nous venons de vivre montre que nos réactions épidermiques nous ont amené à des conclusions qui ont été contredites par les faits, quelque soit l’issue de la prochaine partie.

Depuis 2 semaines, j’entends à gauche et à droite des commentaires à l’effet que Higgins a un certain mérite dans ce qui s’est passé (Shultz, Suiter, Proulx, Heppel, Brouillette, Perrett). Finalement, peut-être avons-nous mal compris la part de Higgins dans tout ça?

De toute façon, Higgins reviendra un an de plus, alors l’avenir nous dira si sa contribution était réelle ou pas.

Richard, Richard :roll: For my part you may recall that I wrote that if Higgins managed to get his team into the post season and win a game he should be allowed to return. I stand by that. But EVERY quality organization reviews and evaluates its personnel after the season. To confirm the HC at this point. The old man is once again cutting his GM out of the process.

What if Jim wants to impose conditions after the season ? How does he do that now ?

The Als have won nothing. Their record is what it should be considering the gutting of the Argos and an expansion team taking the place of the Bombers.

The timing is wrong and the person making the decision and the announcement is going about it all wrong. This organization is still very, very dysfunctional.

Pierre Vercheval said everything that needed to be said.