You can say that again Johnny!

If the Als are in the 2014 playoffs, I will be surprised if Tom Higgins is not back in 2015. While I may not be a great fan of him, I respect him and say that he has done a good job, given all the negative aspects.

While the Als should win in Ottawa this friday, I expect that it will be difficult and I would not be extremely surprised if the Als lose.-I hope not- A very important game,but not as important as the one against the Argos on November 2,2014. At this time, I expect the Tiger Cats to finish in first place in the East.

Has nothing to do with Mr.Higgins, but I expect that both Gabriel Knapton and Aaron Lavarias will be out of this friday’s game in Ottawa. Brian Brikowski,who is on the present active roster, will most probably play. An Int. on the practice roster should be added to active roster. I say Cory Grissom or Corvey Irvin. Kyries Hebert should also play. The Int. player not dressed/playing should be the DL added from practice roster or Dominique Ellis,although he is doing well when on the field.


What are the odds that the guys who likely played the biggest role in turning things around from a coaching perspective (Garcia and Schoenert) come back next season in the positions they (allegedly) fill; I say allegedly because while I might believe that Garcia is only working with the QBs, I would be shocked if Schoenert is no effectively the co-cordinator, blending his pro/coaching experience with Dinwiddie’s CFL experience.

You think? The way Venable's been playing, I wouldn't put Hebert back in.

Bientôt, vous aller demander le retour de Bischoff comme coordonnateur... :wink:

Sérieusement, c'est vrai que les punitions sur les unités spéciales ne sont rien pour aider. Mais ça paraît plus quand ton attaque est faible.

Bishof can Bish off ! :lol: Its like dominos. Because the offense got such a terrible start (in large part because of the hiring/firing of TheWorm) that you have to know that offense reps robbed the team from practicing Special Teams.

I do agree,MadJack, that Winston Venable is playing much better than Kyries Hebert; nevertheless, if he is healthy I expect him to play,particularly if Knapton and Lavarias are out.


Als are playing 3 games (2 on the road) in 17 days, there is no reason to leave players like Hebert off the game day roster.

Herb saying both Lavarias and Knapton are out this week and Hebert is returning. Brikowski will be activated, to no one's surprise. Johnson still has groin issues so Stafford should play again.

I feel like this is a huge trap game. Ottawa is down and out and auditioning for next year. We have every reason to keep winning and forcing the pace in the east. I just hope everyone stays focused and doesn't make the mistake of looking past Ottawa.

This game will also go ways to solidifying my opinion about Thorpe. I have liked some things he’s done, and haven’t liked others (as in Brouillette over Edem). But I’ll lose a lot of faith in him if he plays Hebert first string over Venable. Spot him in sometimes, maybe even share reps 50/50; but if Hebert gets the majority of plays, then I have a problem with that.

I see him more alternating with Brouillette at Safety when Finlay goes in.

Effectivement. C'est la situation parfaite pour craindre une baisse de régime.

Mais les Timinous n'ont eu qu'une courte victoire contre les Afro-Communistes, aussi cela veut dire que leur défensive est capable de tenir son bout contre la faible attaque des Alouettes. Dans ce cas, les chances des deux équipes seraient assez équivalentes, et en fait, je crois qu'elles le sont.

La défensive demeure condamnée à jouer près de la parfection d'ici la fin de la saison.

Dans cette partie, j'aimerais voir l'attaque se placer plus souvent en position pour compter, augmenter le nombre de ses séquences susceptibles de produire des points.

I'm not concerned with a let down by the defense. They are like a Band of Brothers who made a deal earlier in the season and over the season its who they have become, there is no quit, no ego, no fear in that bunch. Can the Als lose against Ottawa? Sure, but it won't be because of the defense. I haven't seen anything like that since some of the Ticat and Bluebombers defenses from the 90's.

Toronto's oline and Owens tried every dirty tricks in the book last week and that defense kept coming.

IMO. If we lose it will be because both Green and Carter missfired together in the same game.

Hmm...looked pretty fraggin' smart on that call!

Yup; that's now 2 challenges in a row he's won.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day...

Was nervous there for a second, but you did put an"l" in the word. :smiley:

While I still don`t think of Higgins as a motivator or Xs and Os guy, and his special teams glitches are nerve wracking, I will reluctantly give him some credit for holding the team together when it could have imploded from the early losing streak. Winning 3 games in 12 days nothing to sneeze at.

I wrote a few weeks ago that Higgins still has time to overcome the awful start he had with the team but he should kiss each of JP's butt cheek for bringing in Garcia and Schonert because that saved his job.

And yet some would have us believe that Jim Popp is actively sabotaging his own head coach and not doing his utmost to help the team. :lol: He brought in Garcia and Schonert to let Dinwiddie focus on being OC, brought in Matthews to mentor Thorpe, signed Crompton, signed Rodgers, brought in JJ as a QB prospect for next year, and continues to add depth players in case someone gets injured. I don't like our focus on always signing NFL cuts, but I can't argue with Jim's efforts. He looks like he's got his focus and fire back...

The turn around started once Popp brought in Garcia and Shonert. Hopefully Popp can keep them next season.