[i]Johnny is taking a break from his apathy towards the Als this season. Johnny still watches the games and gets fired up. Johnny reads the comments on this board daily. But, Johnny is in a sort of funk. Anyway, enough is enough! :twisted:

Johnny was reading Herb's last story on the Gazette website. Johnny didn't even finish reading the story and blew a gasket!!!

About fans wanting Ocho the useless Cinco Chad Johnson to take a hike, and wanting Stafford to replace him; this is what the clueless Ned Flanders Higgins has to say:

“Kenny had his opportunity and didn’t run away with it,? Higgins said. “It’s a shame you equate whether they catch a football or not … how many catches they have. It’s hard for people and they equate it to productivity. I’d be careful then not to talk about any of the other receivers.?

Is he a moron or what?!?!?!?! So a receivers job is not to catch balls or provide offensive production. Does Higgins take us all for a bunch of morons? What a bunghole!!!

THis clueless half wit has done just about everything wrong that a HC could do wrong! He calls one of his QBs a journeyman in the papers. He says we need to run the ball, and goes pass crazy. And so much other stupid shid!

He looks like a corpse on the sidelines. He has no energy, and he never coaches players. All he does is stand there, clap and say "good job", pretends to listen and talk in his headset, and throws his challenge flag when he shouldn't, and keeps it stuck up his arse when he should challenge!!!!!

He is a disgrace, a friggin joke and utterly stupid! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Zurkowsky+Alouettes+Stafford+gets+another+chance+play/10302209/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Z ... story.html[/url]


I wonder who will take over next year ?

Scott Milanovich
Jeff Garcia
Marc Trestman
Mark Washington
Noel Thorpe
Turk Schonert

Would Trestman be available? The Bears are doing not too bad. They are currently .500 and still in the hunt for wild card spot.

Speaking of coaches, not sure what to make of this, Corey Chamblin making his coaches, including Cortez I imagine, do wind sprints.

"Chamblin added another exclamation point at the end of practice by having the players and coaches all run wind sprints. If that wasn't enough, Chamblin then had the players and coaches run through a series of burpees (an exercise where the players drop into a squat position and thrust their legs behind them before jumping to a standing position). The post-practice exertion was in response to a threegame losing streak that has left the Roughriders with a 9-6 record. Chamblin was reminding the players that losing four of their last five games isn't acceptable. Saskatchewan's most-recent setback was Monday's 40-9 loss to the host Montreal Alouettes."

I can only imagine Higgins forcing Sweet, Garcia, or Thorpe to run wind sprints.

Good god; does Higgins think that Johnson HAS run away with the (much longer) opportunity he was given????

He's just a fossil who has completely lost the plot of head coaching and who will say anything, in the moment, to deflect blame from himself.

Meanwhile, let's track how Popp's attempt to get the band back together has gone:

  • Diamond Ferri, cut in TC and now with SSK
  • Larry Taylor, a flop, now on the 6-game IR, career in jeopardy
  • Dave Stala, a backup national body boasting a stunning 9 catches for 117 yards and 0 TDs to date
  • Jermaine McElveen, complete non-factor, just added to the 6-game IR

And people ripped me for being critical of signing washed-up ex-Als...:wink:

Why would Milanovich walk into this mess? Ray is still an elite QB who could be productive, Calvillo-style, for the next five years if he stays healthy.

Too soon for Garcia (hasn't coached enough) and Schonert (hasn't coached in the CFL enough, hasn't even been a coordinator in this league).

Even if Trestman is fired this season, I doubt he'd come back to Montreal. That would kill his chances of getting NFL work as a coordinator.

Washington and Thorpe are definite possibilities.

Been thinking about Crompton's slow starts a bit more, and after some reflection, I am going to revise my opinion of Jonathan. I don't think he's primarily at fault here. I think Dinwiddie's gameplan is the main issue. Most teams will script the first 10-15 plays on offence in order to get an idea of what the enemy D is doing in-game to attack certain formations, plays, routes, and depths. With that intel in hand, the OC then opens up the playbook to counter what he sees the D doing. Trestman did this routinely and it's partly why we never seemed to run the ball very much early in a game: he wanted answers that he could only obtain by putting the ball in the hands of the QB and seeing what resulted from it.

Now, as frustrating as Trestman's run allergy was to us, we have to admit that it produced results. We were usually a fast-starting team that had no trouble putting up points and moving the chains during the first quarter, even on the first drive of the quarter. So obviously Trestman's script had value as a strategy and wasn't just a means to an end. It paid off both as a scouting tactic and as a way to put points on the board.

Dinwiddie's problem, to me, is that his initial scripts are awful as football plays. They may set up the offence to start producing in the second quarter or second half, but they don't move the football at all; as a result, there is enormous pressure on the defence to hold us in the game until the OC gets his head out of his a$$. Accordingly, I think that someone, whether it's Garcia or Schonert or Matthews or a combination of the three (clearly not useless figurehead Higgins), has to work with Dinwiddie during the week to install better first-quarter scripts for the offence, scripts that can at least move the chains and break us even on time of possession instead of just giving the ball back to the other team and wearing out our defence. We can't afford to waste quarters or halves "figuring things out" if we're to have a chance of making the playoffs. In this aspect, Dinwiddie has to get better, period, and since he is only a second-year coach and a first-time OC, he needs to lean on the veteran coaches on his staff to help improve his aspect of his coaching game.

Trestman's offense would put a major on the board around 70 percent of their first drives. You can't take a quarter to feel your way around and give the opponent the ball for 10 or more minutes.

And at this point, I am not even saying that Dinwiddie should be Trestman. Not a fair expectation. So I don't expect him to post a major on the first drive most of the time, or even some of the time. But for God's sake, at least pick up a few first downs, move the chains, give your offence some confidence, and keep the defence fresh. I'd be honestly happy with 3-7 points in the first quarter and breaking even on time of possession. That's how low my expectations are. I just don't want a bazillion two-and-outs and ToP at 2-5 minutes out of FIFTEEN...

I'd like to see a scripted no huddle first series.

While comparison between Trestman and Dinwiddie is patently unfair, remember also that Trestman had better resources to work with his passing game:

Excellent quarterback: Calvillo
Excellent receiving corps: Cahoon, Richardson, Green, Watkins
Excellent protection: Chiu, Flory, LBJ, Bourke

I want Higgins to wake up and get his team under Control!
How many penalties in the first half?!

Seen enough of Higgins as HC!

He's a disaster. Worst special teams I've seen since American expansion. There is no way they are practicing teams properly. They would get better field position if 11 guys took a knee !

I’m not suggesting that he should do as well. I just don’t think a team can not afford to get outscored 3 to 1 in the first quarter over the course of a full season. Pretty much means comeback football every time. Can’t have that and hope to have a .500 record.

Wouldn't be any worse given they are taking a penalty on just about every return.

And for this he fired Rychleski, who didn't have the benefit of Rogers, Sutton, or Sean Whyte actually able to punt. :thdn:

How often do you see a team lose 2 of the 3 phases and have a four game winning streak LOL ! I can't explain this stuff. Amazing defense...

If we had even average ST, we'd have at least one more win IMO. Good ST and we'd likely be on top of our division with a comfortable lead...

[i]Once again the Als win DESPITE Higgins. The one unit he runs, special teams was awful again tonight.They take a penalty 3 plays out of four! So much valuable field position given up! Also, another blocked punt. According to Johnny's memory, that is the 3rd blocked punt given up by the Als this season. TOO MUCH!!!!! And we're lucky it has only been three! It seems that opposing players often come close to Whyte during punts. Higgins' 1940s blocking schemes are a little outdated...

And what's with the penalties by the whole team?!?! Geez, you can't give up 100 plus yards in penalties every game and expect to win. That is on the head coach. :thdn: [/i]