Higgins doesn't like Burris?(article)

Stamps' vets will be challenged
Jean Lefebvre, CanWest News Service
Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2007
CALGARY -- Naturally, Tom Higgins took a low-key approach to the Calgary Stampeders' state-of-the-franchise address to the national media on Tuesday.

The Stampeders boss was almost apologetic, seeming very much like a grade-schooler who had absolutely nothing of interest to offer except for the obligatory what-I-did-this-summer recital.

"This whole off-season," he declared, "reminds me of a quote Chuck Knox, the old coach of the Buffalo Bills, used to always say: 'If what you do speaks so well, there's no reason to hear what you say.' It's very reminiscent, I think, of how our off-season has been. It's been very quiet."

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Font: ****Quiet is in the ear of the beholder, of course.

Others might argue that swinging a couple of trades, re-tooling the offensive line, overhauling the front seven, bringing in a once-highly touted quarterback prospect, adding a couple of fairly big names to the receiving contingent, changing offensive co-ordinators and making three picks in the first round of the Canadian draft actually constitutes quite a busy off-season.

Higgins, however, doesn't want anyone to confuse the hum of activity with blowing everything up and starting all over again.

"We've been a very good football team the past two seasons," he emphasized. "To win 11 games and 10 games in this competitive league is nothing to scratch at."

So what then should be made of the ebb and flow of humanity during the winter months? Chalk that up to rectifying what Higgins admits was the ruling regime's biggest failing last season.

"The first year," noted Higgins, "everybody was euphoric because we made so many changes and we gave ourselves a chance to win, but we didn't bring in the level of competition (for the follow-up season).

"Maybe the most overriding thing to allow our team to improve is to bring in a level of competition in every area that we have. That was the biggest question we had in the off-season. Why would we bring in an Akili Smith? Why would you bring in a Duncan O'Mahony? Why would you bring in Garrick Jones and Ryan Thelwell and Marc Boerigter? It's because you're looking to always improve, but you're also looking forward to having that competition."

[b]Just for starters, the brass wants Smith -- the third overall pick in the 1999 National Football League draft -- to force incumbent quarterback Henry Burris to peek over his shoulder.

"The quarterback situation is going to be a lot of fun," said Higgins. "I've liked (Smith) for a number of years and I'm not really sure why he hasn't been able to excel on the professional level, but we're going to give him every opportunity to put himself in a position to dislodge Henry from all the playing time that he has gotten."[/b]

More like he wants good competition in camp.
Burris wasn't the best QB last year but he wasn't the worst either. I'd say he's around 5th out of starters ahead of Joseph, Allen and Maas.

It seems to me that the "to dislodge Henry from all the playing time he has gotten" part is a bit excessive. Wouldn't it have been more objective to have just said that "there would be competition at QB during camp". He's basically throwing Burris under the bus by claiming that he hopes that he is dislodged as starter. Not the best for a coach-QB relationship, IMO. Stupid Flanders. :lol:

lol, ya it is rather stupid. atleast if you don't like him you could probably trade him to the Argos or Als for a good return.

Atleast a few picks + a neg list guy + a good NI.

I find it funny that people think Tom Higgens hates Burris through this article. I do not read dislike or hate in the article. I read that Higgens wants another choice to go to if Henry has a bad game. I can not see a team going to an unproven QB with no CFL experience unless he lights up the score board with his play. Would you not think the guy would first need some experience before taking out the number one guy from his job. I find it wishful thinking on part of fans from other teams wanting this to happen but it is rather unrealistic do you not think. Competition always brings the best out on a player and this is what Tom Higgens is saying in this article. No hate no dislike! :lol:

....I also don't read in there where Higgins is 'hoping' for Burris to fail....although it's probably not the most eloquent way of putting it what I read is the Burris will have legitimate competition this year, yay, finally...McManus or Corley last year were hardly a threat to push Hank out of his #1 spot.....when Burris is off his game he outright stinks, and it will be nice to have a legitimate backup to insert...like it or not, when Burris is told he is going to fail, taunted even, thats when he seems to play at his best....when he is complacent in his role and unthreatened is when things start going downhill fast...personal greivances aside, stupid flanders might be smarter than you think 123...

Based on Henry's playoff performances, I would say Higgins is looking for another option who can get it done when it counts.

...bingo, a legit backup that can be inserted any time your #1 needs to sit on the bench and wear a headset for two or three downs, or the entire afternoon......

R&W and 05 are seeming to forget how Smilin Hank does in QB tandem.. if that turns out to be the case this year, dont expect miracles...

Again the doom and gloom boys form the flatlands. After all these years you guys just can not give it up can you. This is too funny. Did it ever occur to you Hank did not like playing for peanuts in your city. On record he stated he loved the fans and the city. Yet the lie thing continues. The only guy that lied to the fans was the GM. But that is the past is it not move on Sambo. Hank knows he is a proffessional that he needs to be better or sooner or later he will need to step a side. You should be more concerned with your team and its new HC. You know the guy that was not good enough to be an OC but that would be another thread.

Hank has one story, Shiv has another. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Can people just get over this BS already?

I agree it is you flatlanders that have the hate on for Hank. I mean this will be year three and the hate for Hank continues. When ever they refer to the QB it is apparent. So the best advice that I can give is get over it. Enjoy your mini GC cup game last year the WF. :lol: :lol:

....haven't forgotten at all sam, and if Burris cannot handle the pressure, or someone looming over him as you note, then '05 is right and it is time to step aside....I would assume he has matured somewhat since his time with the riders and can handle this situation better....if not, then it is his problem and hey, contracts up at the end of this year....what a better thing for all parties concerned....blow it this year and Henry is looking for a new job in '08....do well and somehow win a playoff game and maybe a new contract extension is there...

R&W sounds like the plan for sure. My bet would be that with the competion in camp he will get the job done. Nealy, Cubit and Smith will be on his heels. As a pro you know that this is going to happen. The problem in Rider land he knew he was better then Kneelon. The problem is that Kneelon was Shivers favorite. I think Hank proved himself when Nealon played dead for 3/4 of the season. But again Sambo that is in the past move on and you will feel much better about it. Hank is here no need to bring back the what if's for your team.

I'm not sure how you can "agree it is the flatlanders who have the hate for Burris", rw, when I mentioned nothing of the sort.....what I meant, and you failed to grasp, is that there is no finding the absolute truth, because it lies somewhere in between the two sides.....and some Riderfans belly-aching about his leaving and some Stamp fans rubbing it in their faces is nothing short of old news.....people need to seriously grow up and move on. This is just stupid.

...you know what would be funny?....Burris does not bad this year and says he wants to return, but when the Stamps waffle on a contract Tillman signs Burris back to the riders for '08....holy moley would that be a treat...

Maybe I read into this a little bit much. Don't get me wrong, for Calgary's sake I think it's best if Burris is pushed by Smith.

...I agree...push hard Mr. Smith, this is your last chance...

Let me be clear on this- I coudnt care less that he left. No skin off my nose. Im just saying he doesnt seem to thrive when he is pushed by a QB that is capable of taking his #1 spot. It seems that might be the situation this year in Calgary. Only you 05, would read that the "flatlanders" are still not over Burris signing with the Stamps.

Well Sambo I wish I was wrong but it really seems most topics are about Hank when it comes to the flat landers. What happened in Rider Prider land may not be the case else where. Again the situation was Nealon was number one nad Hank was back up. Then Number one got injured Hank took the opportunity to fill in and did a great job and was one play away from taking your Riders to the promised land. Yet the following year Mr Shivers decides to play games and Hank moves on and we all know the rest of the story. The fact is you as a greenie need to forget the days he played for you. Let the Stamp fans worry about Hank. Do you see my point. Every forum has priders doing the Hank bash for that last two years what would your conclusion be. :lol: