Higgins Bashers

There will be the Higgins Bashers. Whether it be one kicker , two kickers, one QB or another, or both. Lets keep the bashing here. So much easier than reading the bashing throughout ALL the threads,

I don't know about Higgins bashing. Yall have so many people from Jim Popp all the way to Noel Thorpe doing something that I don't know if last year's turnaround was more a result of Jeff Garcia's doing, Popp's doing, Higgins's doing, Crompton's doing, Thorpe's, or who ever else there is to give credit to. But it did happen while Higgins was here so ... take that for what it's worth.

If there is someone who I might be more critical of, it's Turk Schonert, really wasn't impressed with his playcalling tonight, I didn't think he called enough running plays, and he never brought out Stefan Logan into the backfield either or at least not enough and he coulda been a weapon. Brandon Whitaker's help in the passing game though was also pretty invaluable and losing him may be a little bigger than originally thought.

But like I said, I wouldn't call for anyone's head because whether or not we want to believe it, the Redblacks will be improved a bit over last year, and their O-line looks better so far. And on top of that, the Als looked way worse at the outset of last year yet still once again got into the playoffs, something that this team just always finds a way to do.

It seems clear to me that Popp and Higgins are not on the same book nevermind the same page.
This has to be cleared up.
I guess the only solution is for Wettenhal to be definitive.
If this is indeed Popp's team, and I suspect it is, then he should be allowed to pick the coach he wants and get this dysfunction remedied.

they should have offered Garcia the head coach job and canned higgins

As noted by the NorthCarolinaBomber, This team did make it to the Eastern final last season. Crompton, with all his warts did lead the team to that position. There was some successful play in the first half of this opening game with Sutton's power running and, Crompton's pass to Beaulieu .The team did have a half time lead and showed some promise. Logan did look very good on his first return and Bede, despite his unsuccessful convert, did show very high and long kicking. After our two QBs became injured, the rookie Bridge showed arm strength with 4 completions before he was intercepted. The fact that a forth string Canadian draft pick played the whole second half throwing several completions before his interception, speaks well of the prediction of his strong arm and running abilities, despite a tendency to occasional wildness. We'll likely have Cato as QB for the next game and, hopefully our coaching staff will instill wisdom wisdom on these two.
I am not, at all, willing to write the team off at this point. Hopefully our defense might dominate in the games to come and, the insertion of Blake will add strength to OL and, our running abilities will help compensate for the youthfulness of our QBs.