Higgins-any thoughts

Just curious how the Stamp fans feel about Higgins being let go?

How should we feel? Unlike the riders who hang onto Shivers and Barrett for 7 years. The Stamps cut thier coach after three years of not producing in the playoffs.

Now I have had time to reflect on the issue. It was really bad the way it happened with the leak and the timing was critical. It is too bad this occured but it happened you can not go back and change it. I think the hiring of M Petrie is a good thing Stamp managment need a guy that understands the media and will be able to hlep those that could use the experience of a good media person. Hoefully this will help in the future. Tom is a nice guy but again during his tenure here his team went from very good, to good, to over achievers. If he didn't know this was coming I would be very suprised. It is too bad that it could not happen after the playoffs but it didn't chalk up a big mistake by the stamps with the leak of information. Higgens had to go and I am one happy stamp fan knowing his replacement will be a great thing for the team.

Was there any substance to the rumours about him Coaching at the U of Calgary?

The U of C denied the rumor so Tom is still unemployed.