Higgins Answers - The Fumble Call

Let's put things this way...posts that are intended to lighten the mood of a thread stay...threads that call for an entire derailing of a thread, and which are best left for private messaging to avoid more public you-know-what matches, are pulled. The posts Bobby is referring to right now (I assume he means his and berezin's from tonight) were of the latter variety.

If you really want to say what you said, take it to messaging.

End of off topic discussion - back to fumbles, please.

No he was ok with it. We got in trouble and I never heard how he made out we I just assumed he struck out.

I believe I asked ( So what about the girl what happened )

You don't read? Back on topic.

Wow. Another thread about the fumble.

Kerry Joseph, Michael Bishop and Rich Stubler must love this. It's the first time this season no one's talking about them.

edited - back on topic


Edited - very uncool, berezin


..is what we'll be seeing a lot of in this topic. I expect it to be locked within the next 20 posts.

Quite possibly. So, how 'bout that fumble, eh?

I managed to see berezin's post before it was edited and... lol. This board is too funny sometimes. :lol:

I missed the fumble altogether. I completely forgot about that game much to my chagrin. :oops:

Edited - just don't learn, do ya?
Well you know with the poor quality education around today. Struck a nerve with yah hey.


(I actually wrote edit to show Bobby that there is no double standard)

thanks but its kind of late.

RW, its all your fault. My wife saw me looking at the pic which I wouldnt have clicked on this thread if I knew it would have that way off topic pic and now she wont believe I wasnt looking at porn and I am sleeping on the couch tonight with no nookie, which of course made all the worse after looking at that pic, sigh.......grrrr

haha. this is a funny thread. As ruler of this thread I deem it off topic, go nuts.

And Bobby, you are correct, I did strike out that time. I must not have been wearing my sex panther cologne, 60% of the time it works everytime.