Higgins and Crompton and Rainey

I am appalled that the ALS handed the game to the Tucats yesterday
Down 4- 0. I am dissapointed for the ALS fans, the defense that Higgins
Would use little caution and discretion in calling a lateral pass in pouring rain
Backed up on their goal line. The frustrating part of the play call is
I feel that Rainey didn't know the rules. I feel he thought the
Ball hit the ground and it's dead. He only reacted after he noticed
The two Hamilton defenders running after the ball.

Question 1- why would Higgins call such a high risk play
To a guy who either didn't know the rules or didn't bother
Running for the loose ball.

This was the game folks. Higgins took the game away
And handed it to Austin.

I think we have seen what I gave seen for tears
With Cromoton. He looks the part with his size and cannon arm
But has no feel and accuracy and poor intangibles.
Instead of reading the defense and making a play
Cromoton sold out. He knew Hsmmy was sending
Pressure so what he did was unacceptable . He
Locked his eyes on Sj green and started trying to hit him deep vs man coverage
The result. One long completion to SJ and a series of
Incompletions that resulted in numerous 2 and outs.

Watching essentially 2 even teams play was negated
By the presence of Higgins . I mean Austin was coaching
Circles Around Higgins .
Austin knew it was raining so he had collaros run and also was using onside
Players on punts which was confusing Higgins

I think you will see that the ALS cannot win in the
In the playoffs vs smarter coaches. Mtl vs hsmmy is
Basically Higgins vs Austin. Austin will outcoach Higgins every single time.
like crazy.

a few things I didn't like today.

When it was obvious that Collaros was changing his
Snap count to screw up montreals blitzes the Myl defenders kept
Going offsides.
Bear woods was so anxious he wAs hurting the team
AND not playing smart.

I feel also the ALS defenders were running at Collaris
So fast and were not breaking down to tackle him.

I feel the ALS Higgins should have called an wRly
Timeout and settle the defense and tell them to focus
And stop going offsides. It was clear the ALS were
Overly aggressive eArly.

Higgins presence alone is enough to lose a game .

He does not understand game situations and playcalling.
To not run the ball in pouring rain especially with
A low completion rate qb is a poor plan

Well at least u know why Cromoton couldn't start
Anywhere else . He has no touch or feel or mixt.
He passes the eye test. Did you really think long deep
Balls was going to work in the bad cfl weather that
Playoffs brings?

The Als having no answer for the Ticats lining up a few guys onside on a punt once was bad enough in the 1st half, but for the same exact thing to happen in the 2nd half and still nobody knowing what to do.. is a fireable offense in my book, any coach remotely responsible for special teams has to go.

Beyond that, we all know Crompton has no touch on small passes.. so DON'T call a backward pass on your on 10 yard line, especially when it's RAINING!!
Add to that Rainey who didn't even bother to fall on the ball to limit the damage, just half-heartedly tried to pick it up.. disgusting. No intensity or drive from him all game, can't stand that.

Those two fuckups sapped any and all belief from the players on D, who were beyond alone on this day.. just ugly.

After yesterday the Als end up, deservedly, with the worst possible playoff scenario:

  • Lions
  • Hamilton in HAM
  • West champ

Best I was hoping for:

  • bye
  • West champ

I feel their season ended yesterday.. worse yet not much reason for hope looking to next season with them saying Higgins will be back, Crompton likely back as #1, Carter likely gone to NFL.. ugh.

I want to hear from the Higgins apologists now. Does it feel great to have the senile coot of an owner endorse Higgins for another year after yesterday's fiasco? Not even going to get into the details, because everyone here has already broken them down. But it was appalling.

Rainey: release his wife-beating a$$
Crompton: how many times now has he shown himself incapable of making a swing pass to the flat? Six? Seven? Ten? A QB who has trouble executing such a basic throw isn't a franchise QB, or someone you want to build around. Accuracy was awful yesterday as well.
Higgins: another terribly coached game and this time his blunders cost us.

The question is D&P, how do you think the Als will do against the toothless Lions from Lotusland? Hmmmm… could be a blow out either way.

If Glenn is off I think the Als will send the Lions packing unless of course Crompton hasn't learned anything. If Crompton doesn't make some corrections before next week the Lions could do some serious damage provided of course Glenn isn't colour blind.

With BC's defence and our huge deficit in coaching, I wouldn't be surprised to see us lose. It's a winnable game but over 18 games, we have seen that when the chips are down, Higgins, Dinwiddie & co. are not going to be the positive difference in winning a game. They'll be the negative difference in losing it. Add in Jonathan "I play pro football like it's Pop Warner" Crompton and I am not hopeful.

The utter lack of commitment to the ground game when everyone knew the weather would be bad is inexcusable for both Dinwiddie and Higgins. No way to sugarcoat it, that was awful coaching.

When I heard that the Als attempted just 5 running plays I thought to myself " nah can not be that low a number".

Checked the Game Stats, sure enough Sutton 5 carries for 5 yards. Wind, rain and 5 rushing attempts?!!!
I am still numb by that stat.

Cats Grigsby 19 for 93 yards

And again I ask, Higgins gets a contract extension/option for next season?!! :roll:

If I were Popp, I would be scouting furiously for QBs. Crompton may be the de facto starter this year, but he should not be guaranteed anything next year, not considering the kindergarten offence he's running because he can't execute at a higher level.

Agree, and I believe they have had a few through the practice roster this year as part of that search.

The swing pass to Rainey was horrific, but the *** possibility *** occurs to me that it wasn't supposed to be a lateral.

If so, either Rainey blew the route or Crompton the throw.

Doesn't excuse the errors but *** may *** explain the play call.

Bad call, bad route, bad throw.

Won't matter. We are stuck with Higgins for at least half of next season. This team will be irrelevant for a few years.

I am sick and tired of listening to the whining about Higgins. During the course of a game the OC and DC call the plays and schemes. The HC doesn't have a huge amount of input. Yeah the lateral to Rainey screwed up and lots of blame to go around but Higgins was not calling the play.
He came into a difficult situation and chopped down the season to a 10 game schedule which resulted in us being in the playoffs. He has the total backing of the players as witnessed by the lack of controversial comments coming from the room.
If I was the owner I would be signing him to another year based on just making the playoffs, regardless of weather we advance or not.

I am definitely on your side birdie lover. The als lost because the Tiger-Cats were better, in many aspects of the game, and not because of Tom Higgins. Can we blame Tom Higgins because Zach Collaros was much better than Jonathan Crompton? Definitely not! Can we blame Tom Higgins because Brandon Banks was much/much better than James Rodgers? Definitely not! Can we blame Tom Higgins because Nic Grigsby was much/much better than Tyrell Sutton? Definitely not! Yes, he had the ball only 5 times and did nothing during these times; Can we blame Tom Higgins because Alan-Michael Cash was injured in the pre-game warm-up? No!

The Tigers-Cats are the third best team in the CFL for yards gained per game; they are number 1 in yards gained by the past.Defensively they rank number 2; in yards allowed on the ground they are,by far, the best team in the CFLThey have allowed an average of only 78.2 yards per game,on the ground. Before throwing rocks at Tom Higgins for yesterday's loss, credits must go to the Tiger-Cats. I would not be surprised to see them in the Grey Cup,against the Eskimos. In 2014 Edmonton was number 1 in total yards gained and allowed; Hamilton was third in yards gained and second in yards allowed.

Yes, the Als made errors on special teams but they did not lose because of these errors on special teams. The better team won.


The game plan is the responsability of the Head Coach.
As far as I know he is also the Special Team's coordinator by choice.

Let's look ahead to next season with Crompton as QB and no Duron Carter in the line up... In many ways this team will begin camp next year with more questions than it did this year.

And in the meantime let's look forward to the playoff game next week.

Of course I agree with Birdie and Richard. I sometimes get the feeling that some here want failure to justify the crucifixion of Higgins.

Guys...it's a playoff game coming up. Kick back. Open a beer. and enjoy.

I buy tickets every year. I certainly don't want them to fail but I will call it like I see it.

[i]WEll well… Out come the Higgins groupies…

3 blind mice... :thdn:


Now now, Johnny, everyone is allowed to voice his opinion without being picked on.

I'm not thrilled with Higgins myself, as his decisions and kick return game are contributing to premature and permanent hair loss on my part. Still, no need to make it personal the posters.