Higgins admits refs messed up

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Based on Higgins's explanation, it is now clear that the officiating cost the Alouettes the game.

The time on the clock was correct. There was no need to page the officials and take back the Cobourne TD. The flag on the field was a B.C. penalty, so the play would have stood.

I'm moving on, because mistakes happen, but my Alouettes were hosed out of tying the game up.

...gotta love Montreal and their Olde Worlde style of things...Herb should've chucked a 'verily' in there somewhere....

You have to think that this will make the Als a more determined team from here on in to win the Cup.

The Als are going to have to play a lot better than they did if they are going to win the cup.

So, two of BCs wins have likely come from blatant screw ups on the part of CFL officiating either on the field or from the control booth?


Too bad Wally's big year is tainted beyond repair now. Those two wins (Saskatchewan and Montreal) should both have a big ol' asterisk beside them in the record book.

the flag was a penalty on B.C. on the play BEFORE the TD.. not on the TD play.

I am curious (and puzzled) about this paging system. Does anyone have any insight on it?

The article says....

A page was sent to the field, but a delay occurred. The play was run; Cobourne scoring a touchdown.

“Once they’re paged, that terminates the play,? Higgins explained. “It was just way too close and the ball was snapped.

I am wondering if the delay was due to the time it takes for the page to go from the press box to the official? If the officals must be in contact with the press box supervisor which has authority to stop the game anytime, shouldn't they use some kind of communication device to be able to communicate real time, similar to what the coaching staff has.

Maybe the delay was just due to the officials reacting slowly to the page.

The flag that the refs picked up was on the TD play.

I don't know why Higgins felt the need to apologize. If there was any doubt as to what time should be on the clock the supervising official is obligated to contact the on-field officials. If you watch the replay you can hear a number of whistles blowing while the Als were still in the huddle so the play was blown dead well before the snap of the ball. It is unfortunate that the players and other three officials didn't hear the whistles being blown.

Buono's idea of the refs throwing an obviously different flag might be worth trying at least so that a fiasco like this doesn't happen again.

I was sitting about ten rows up from the back of the end zone I didn't hear any whistles or anybody trying to call Time out on the first attempt , and no whistles on the 2nd attempt when Mtl scored . the Refs seemed very confused on the whole thing . The crowd was going nuts and the drums were banging it was very loud but I really didn't hear any whistle .

I can't even begin to express how dumb this whole situation is. Clearly the command centre and the officials need to get their act together. Talk about embarrassing... :roll:

The fact is the Jake Ireland is simply incredibly incompetant, he was on the field and is now as a replay official.

he was not!

Ireland was a good referee. he made many good calls and many NON-Calls.

I bet you are one of those fans who actually thinks it was him that messed up in 1997 in that Grey Cup game hey?

when in fact it WASN'T his call to begin with!

I have no idea what your talking about, not thinking about 1997 at all cause I have no clue what was wrong with that game other that the Riders were blown out and frankly didn't belong in the game. I simply believe that Mr. Ireland was a terrible ref and is just as bad if not worse in the replay booth.

oh wait, I was thinking of the Edmonton/Toronto Grey Cup..

Flutie fumbled.. and everyone thought that Ireland messed up.. when in fact it wasn't up to him to determined who got the ball.. as he was doing something else.

Ireland was not a bad ref.. I've watched just as many games as you have and he didn't make many mistakes.

there are other refs who made a lot more screw ups than he did.

I am not refering to any single game although that particular Grey Cup game may have been the worst reffed Grey Cup ever, I wasn't even aware that Ireland was the ref in that game. I simply believe that the only thing keeping Ireland from being the worst ref in league history is Paul Dojack.

do you have some factual examples of what he's done that makes him so terrible?

i'd love to hear some!

Is Jake Ireland your uncle, cflisthebest?

no of course not.

I just think that he's got something seriously against Ireland!

I think he was one of the best referees the CFL has ever had! this guy knew his stuff!

i honestly think cfleskfan doesn't know what he's talking about!