Higgins a class act

Tom Higgins is nothing but class act. He almost led his team to victory, with all the speculation that he has already lost his job to John Hufnagel. Higgins deserved better, and shame on the media person in Calgary that published the story at the worst possible time.

That could not have helped their cause, for sure. Sure, some might have been able to use it as a motivational tool "Win it for Higgy" but it had to be more disruptive than constructive. Really unfortunate.

I agree hes a great guy a friend of mine was coached by him at U of C has nothing but good things to say about him. Thats good enough for me, he is in no way done coaching and he will resurface somewhere else next year if not as a head man as an assistant and one day soon he will lead another team.

I was really surprised to hear that Reynolds was in Hot Water...I mean this guy is a class act... If a few more Stumps players had an attitude like Reynolds I think they would be meeting BC next week not us.

Wouldnt that be cool if Higgins coach a possible Ottawa team in 2009

Calgary is missing something. The better team won today hands down, Calgary was lucky to make a game of it. I thought at the start of the season theyd really give the Lions a run for top spot if not even finish first, but they just dont have it. No heart I guess.

I agree with you saying that Higgins being a class act. He is a gentleman and a great representative of the league

I think Higgins is a terrific individual, but unfortunately he's not much more than an average head coach.

I think any organization would be happy to have him working for them though :slight_smile:

i earned alot of respect while he was in edmonton. I think is he class act for sure and a great coach. to bad that it had to happen this way to him. i want to see him on the sidelines for another team.

I didn't find him to be a class act wearing his poppy. I liked the fact that he wore it, but the fact that he put a pin of the horse in the middle of it, I found that to be disrespectful. I thought that it was great that the Riders wore poppies on their helmets but I didn't see the Stamps wearing any. I found the horse in the middle of the poppy tacky. It would have been different if he would have had a pin of the Maple Leaf through the middle but not the Calgary logo.

The stamps did too, but it was somewhat hard to see on the red helmets...

Great Game by the Stamps, they sure kept it interesting and made a game of it. I also agree that the announcement of a new coach at this point in time was a HUGE mistake by the Stampeders as it added to the distractions and made it a lot harder for them to focus on playing their best football. Best of luck to Tom Higgins in his future football endevours, wherever he may end up.

your basin your oipinions off one game and thats just not helping your arguement. we are talking about everything he has done. and i have seen alot of stuff like that with a poppy, inclusing the winnipeg shield button and some others. just a good way to keep your poppy on and your cold also include the horse with old calvary units like the fort garry horse from winnipeg or the 19th horse from alberta.

I thought Higgins showed what kind of professional he is, he certainly could have called a few more of his players other than Renyolds. I found the Stamps logo in the center of the poppy a bit odd, but I dont think it was meant to be disprespectful. I hope that he finds another job in the CFL if he, in fact, is done in Calgary. Jim Popp certainly could not go wrong by moving himeslf back upstairs and hiring Higgins to coach the Als.

Higgins is a class act and a good coach and if this stuff with Hufnagel is true, rather than accepting another job with the Stampeders, he should run as fast as he can away from that organization.
If in fact Huffer is already onboard, then the Stampeder organization does not have any class and Higgins need not be part of that mess.

I hope he lands on his feet and I am not sure what job we have available, but I'd be happy to have him as part of the Rider organization if he can't find a job elsewhere.

Good luck Tom!

PS, I don't know much about this poppy controversy, but it doesn't sound like a bid deal to me.

Tom has not done anything to disgrace himself, but he is an average coach at best. The question you would have to ask yourself is do you see him coaching your team. I would say no he couldn't coach the Riders. Not the right mentality. In terms of what happened with him in Calgary this year, it was no different then what happened in Sask last year. Hopson and company said nothing short of Grey Cup win and likely even that might not save Barretts job in week 15 last year, so you see things like this happen in football, it is a business.

In terms of Reynolds, he got what he deserved. He got a good old fashioned tongue lashing. Here is a guy who thought he was above the team, and started to act differently, I suspect because he knew Higgens was leaving.

I noticed that pin too. I thought it was extremely bad taste - very tacky. I'm sure it wasn't Higgens who came up with the idea. He's just too classy. I've always thought he's a kind and classy guy, even as a head coach in Edmonton.

His interview after the game was very interesting. He really came down hard on Whinin' Hank. During the game I was thinking deja vu. That's what Henry did so much as a Rider. He'd look good coming down the field, but then throw an interception in the endzone.

I tend to agree with people here. Higgins is a class act, but not one of the best coaches ever.

He seems to get a raw deal wherever he goes though. In Edmonton he was replaced with the monkey they have coaching now, who can't seem to get fired despite gross incompetitence. In Calgary... well its pretty hard to win in the playoffs when your QB does his best to lose.

All of the Stamps personnel staff on the sidelines had the same poppy with the black on top of the stamps logo.
I think that was classy.
As for the helmets, the league initiative was at work and it was great to have all four teams with a poppy on the back of the helmet.
As for Higgins I do think he and Barker are both class acts and wish them well if both are let go. Although it does appear only Tom is on the way out.