Hickman to Colts

Another player off to try his luck in the nfl, good for him, will medlock be next?

I'm happy for the guy.......but this sucks.

Obie needs to bring in quite a few defensive ends to camp so we can find the next Hickman/McIntyre.

Congratulations to Mr. Hickman. I'm sad to see him go but it's good for him!

He will be sadly missed by the faithful.
Hickman is one large hole to fill on the line.

Perhaps All Star DL Anwar Stewart (who was just released by Montreal) could be a possible immediate filler for the time being until further developments arise.

Best of luck to him for sure but he'll be a tough one to replace.

When reached for comment Justin Hickman said "Better is better" :wink:

Apparently the Al's just released Anwar Stewart, so there is a possible replacement..although I think he might ask for too much and I think I'd prefer a younger guy.

I thought he said "Bucks is Better" :wink:

Good for him! I hope he wins the starting job opposite Freeney. With the possible house cleaning in Indy it could happen. Robert Mathis is a free agent, he's 30 and he may command a big contract the Colts are unwilling to pay.

I hope this isn't another Tim Cheatwood situation where he was just used as another body in camp and then released in September.

All the best Justin!

Hickman wont be starting opposite of freeney. Often you see D-lineman from the CFL convert to LB's when they try and make the jump to the NFL...Cam Wake is a good example, seemed to work out for him! Anything could happen though I guess

I don't know if it is going to work out for him in the NFL as a linebacker, but I do wish Justin all the best even though I'm mad at him. :lol: Seriously, though, I appreciate all he did for us and truly do wish him good luck. I don't blame him at all for going where the $$ is

He will do fine. His efforts spent on Special Team will make the difference.

Don't the Colts play a 4-3? If so, he'll be a defensive end. He has good size, and they can easily ask him to put on 5-10 pounds during the off-season.

I think some of you are over-estimating the size of an NFL defensive end.

Hard to replace Hickman, lots of linemen looking for work out there, good ones, not that many.

I think we should bring in Anwar Stewart as he still has alot left in the tank . We also have Robert Rose who looks like a good defensive End that was playing out of position at DT .

I also think we should go after Lin J Shell and hopefully Andy Fantuz as he s from London Ontario and went to western
this was Stala and him in the middle with Chris Williams , Harris Jeffers , Bkari Garant and Aron Kelly
we can also use Terry Grant how we used Thigpen once Grant is 100 % ,,,Grant can also be an insurance policy in case Mallet is a disappointment ...

as far as Lin J shell goes ..he was cut by the ARGOS and he is a bonafide starter in the CFL at halfback

I could see MeaNs, Turrene and Young competing for one corner job and Hinds having the other since he is a non import

as far as halfbacks go i'd say the losers of corner back position battle compete with Dee Webb and possibly Lin J shell

milt collins and carlos thomas competing at safety

In a perfect world the backfield would look like this

CB1 TURRENE CB2(non import ) HINDS
MEANS Rwabukamba, Chris



With Marcel Young and Bo Smith backups or phased out

My only concern is TURRENE and MEANS still might get NFL interest ...


We disagree on Stewart and agree on Rose.

I thought Anwar Stewart looked very slow toward the end of last season. For instance, in the playoff game at Olympic Stadium, KG had all day to throw the ball. Our OT's were good, but not as good as Montreal made them look. I think for a team with good ratio flexibility, Stewart could be a good addition because of his veteran leadership. However, as a starter, I'm not sure he can play at that high of a level anymore.

As for Rose, he has tremendous athletic ability and I definitely think he has what it takes to be a defensive end in this league.

I'm with you on both points, jordan.

[quote="jordan02"]I thought Anwar Stewart looked very slow toward the end of last season. However, as a starter, I'm not sure he can play at that high of a level anymore.


Good observation. Once a defensive lineman loses his speed he is done. Example: Remember Joe Montford or Elfrid Payton in their final season....absolutely dreadful. As for Stewart, the Alouettes didn't release him for nothing.

Although you don’t have to be a monster any longer as far as weight goes to play DE in the NFL, the average height is still like 6’4". Hickman is 6’2" and 265…his weight is pretty much bang on as far as what the NFL is starting to trend towards as far as DE’s go but he is still considered somewhat under sized as far as height. That being said…you have some stud DE’s in the NFL that break away from the norm…Freeney is 6’1" and Dumervil is 5"11". So who knows, Hickman could end up being effective at DE…I wasn’t saying he wouldn’t be a DE because of his size…I was just saying he will end up being a OLB because the colts new defensive coordinator has said he will be employing a 3 -4 defense and not a 4 - 3 as the colts have typically used in the past.

8) Strange that Hickman's name has been removed from the Cat's roster, but Marcus Thigpen is still listed there !! :oops:
  Thigpen signed with Miami at least 3 weeks ago now  !!!