Hickman omg

so you watch that laterall play

and hickman, a defensive end, is bookin lead blocking for tisdale..

now thats speed and dedication for ya :rockin:

It is always fun to watch when the tables get turned and it’s a defensive player’s turn to bring the wood as a lead blocker on a fumble or INT return, except if it’s against your team LOL!

The play that sticks out in my mind most recently that comes close to the Tisdale-Thompson play was the Ed Reed INT return in the Ravens-Dolphins playoff game a year ago – key blocks, bodies flying, and a HUGE momentum shift. The Harrison TD in the Super Bowl was more a case of a guy running for daylight than a spontaneous “convoy of blockers” chain reaction deal.

BIG FIST PUMP reaction from this fan! Play of the year so far in my books!

Oski Wee Wee,


That wasn't even a normal looking lateral.....he fired it into his mates hands with some zip on it......thank god nobody was asleep at the switch on that lateral.........but it worked out wonderfully.....phew !! :smiley:

I loved the exhuberant dive over the goal-line........that's the way the game should be played!....with some actual fun attached !! :rockin: