hi there i am new to this system

hi there i am a hudge bc lions fan, and season ticket holder, i have enjoyed all the games this year and love the attmosphere at bc place, i have not gone to a bc lions game in about 8 years and just love the game, the first time i went this year against edmonton i loved the noise of the crowed, the game it self,i just recived Bob Ackles book, and i am reading as of know, i can't belive how Bob Ackles has turnned this francize around , the last time i went to a game before this year and the 04 wf,was 1996 and there was only about 15,000 in attedance.what a diffrence, i am so excited about this sat game against calgary, (wish it was sask imagine the attmosphere and the game if it was )but the Calgary game will be realy intense and exciting,
i noticed they opened up more sections, is that going to mean there are going to get a big crowed?

That would be exciting, i am glade to be back and way to go Bob Ackles for saving our team and making them popular again.

Welcome aboard.

Don't let the negative people on here "rain " on your enthusiasm.

Enjoy the book and enjoy the game!

yeah i know i was reading this dupsdell poasting what a jerk.

Didn't take you long to figure him out! :lol:

You'll do well here! :wink:

I heard that the lions want to get 40,000 for this sat game, heard on cknw, is that true?

Hey Sporty...heads up....dupsdell and hollyj post from the the same place....

who is dupsdell?


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Someone with a dual personality!

Atrocious spelling and grammar should have been the first clue.


1st you get

"yeah i know i was reading this dupsdell poasting what a jerk."

then you get

"who is dupsdell?"

WTF? lol how does one become so messed up. Go back to poo pooing the attendance!

To think I was going to tell him to ask dupsdell how many people will be at the game. My niece and I will be coming in from Kelowna shes from Calgary... yes she has a few problems.