hi im from england

ive just come back from vancouver 2 days ago on a school sports trip to vancouver from engalnd, u might have seen us on the cnn news. anyway we had a tour of the bc place by a lovely lady called marianne, anyone know her? then we went to the match on last saturday it was amazing and the lions won. just wanted to say you have a fantastic city and stadium, be proud

You are sweet! I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy the game; of course it's always awesome when the home team wins.
Thank you for the compliments, we think Vancouver is pretty fantastic and it helps to see it on a lovely Fall day.
I hope you were able to understand our version of "football", knowing how different it is from yours. We have just returned from England where we enjoyed a rugby match......now that's a rough game! It's too bad you can't be here for the Western Final but you can watch it on webcast through this website. :smiley:

hi again, we saw the parade on tv the other day was pretty awsome, keep me updated on how the lions are doing, all of us from england are supporters of bc officialy now! canada best country in world!

Smart guy from England . I wonder what he thought of that nfl game?

Hi to our English fans . Good to hear from fans of our team from abroad. You can watch the game on TSN broadband here:


Although I do believe they charge for games outside of Canada.( free for us here)

And you can listen to BC Lions radio here:


This one's free of course.