Hi guys!.......My "bye-week" so far.....

I've had a kick sitting back during the "dog-days of summer" this week just reading stuff and keeping my ever so humble opinions close to my chest. :wink:

So yeah, this is a "bye-week" for me away from the active discussions

I've decided to get back on track as far as my newspaper column is concerned and I have some neat ideas I'm going to try....my first "come-back" column is being written tonight...so that will keep me busy this evening.

Also, I've really enjoyed reading our own Craig Smith's reports from down south on his scouting trip.....Craig and his wife Cathy are a wonderful couple and represent the Ticats and the City of Hamilton well......Hi Craig and Cathy!
click here to read Craig's entries in the ongoing series called 'Smitty's Blog'.....great stuff!

I am also spending a bit of time checking out Bob Young's new venture called 'lulu.tv'

here's the link:


I also think this commercial they have is a hoot! (crank your speakers)


It's a very cool concept and I may very well join up as a monthly paying customer so I can cash in and make myself a philthy rich millionaire......always wanted to do that!..... :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh!..and in response to someone's thread asking where the "swagger" has gone to?......Well, I still got it....clearly!!


Well friends, there's my "bye-week" so far.....

Stay cool!.....it's bloody hot out there! :cowboy:

.....and hang in there Ticats (organization, coaches, players and fans)........this too shall pass and we will be back to having fun at Ivor Wynne very soon!