Hi fans

Hi football fans. I would just like to introduce myself, Jason Sperling and our new free weekly online broadcast, RougeRadio.com. Aaron and myself are a couple of crazy fans that want to help promote Canadian football one week at a time. This show is done 'for the fans, by the fans". We wanted to offer the opportunity to have a weekly update on all canadian football (pros, university, junior and other) as well as some cool interviews. You can dial us up on I-Tunes and have the shows uploaded weekly. I don’t want to take much of your time just wanted to invite you out to our site and follow us with our inagural broadcast April 27. We would love your comments, feedback, suggestions etc.

thanks and have a great day.

Cool. I'll definitely check out at least one episode.

Thats a good idea whats the link for it?


Just wanted to say I listened to the first broadcast today while i was on the bus and then at work and was pleasantly surprised. The content was amazing but they got to work on the rust and get things smoother. I did learn lots about the juniors and even som of the cfl stuff. Can't wait until next week. This is great for the 3 leagues to get some free exposure.


I listened to it thru iTunes and Great show but,

2 hours 42 minutes + ...ouch..little too long for me.

Enjoyed the show. Thanks.

Remember to change you id before you pimp your own show 8)

But seriously, good work guys. You put a ton of time and effort into that. Interviews with Williams and Eppelle were good stuff. Might try to work on the audio as one interviewer sounds fine and the other sounds like he is talking with a shirt in front of his mouth from across the room.