Hi All!........I have a good idea I think.....

Wow!..I really feel like a stranger here now....but that's good because it's because so many new fans are posting....I'm 'mikey'..glad to see all the new members here.

So........I just had an idea.... :lol:

How about Ron Lancaster booking some time with the city one Saturday afternoon real soon (in April) at Gore Park where he can drag all kinds of current Tiger-Cats, cheerleaders, alumni, local celebrities and of course all us "nutso" fans out for a "meet and greet"......hot dogs, balloons for the kids, some buskers and of course "Stripes".... and a DJ cranking some tunes so some of us can dance (badly in my case)....lol.....

I'd love an April Saturday in Gore Park to get together with everybody for some fun.....and to have Ron Lancaster hosting it (with his wife hopefully), it would be a guaranteed awesome day!

..you like? :stuck_out_tongue:

(ok, we might even go crazy and invite Argo fans too!)

lol im sorry but argo fans. naahh!! lol :smiley:

Ron moves from being casted as The Almighty Puppet Master

of Tiger Cat Football Operations

to being casted as a puppet on a string
who dances to the tune of a lowly fan.

Ain't gonna happen!

I cant imagine anything more humiliating than a living CFL legend being reduced to a kiddie birthday party rent-a-clown.
Cripes, show the man at least a little respect.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt Lancaster’s new role a ‘community ambassador’ role? And if so, isnt this exact thing that would be part of the job description?

I hope they had better functions in mind being the key note speaker at meetings with corporate types and potential new business partners at luncheons and dinners rather than being subjected to screaming ketchup smeared kids in a sodden park.

That's TC' or Stripes or Tabbie's or whatever it is this year's job.

I'm sure thats part of it too, but I would expect the occasional one like Mikey has suggested would be on the agenda.

Not saying its a great idea...just saying I would expect it would be part of it.

Come on, it's not like Mikey is suggesting that Ron should be giving piggy-back rides for a buck.

As community ambassador, I would imagine that Ron will be reaching out to our entire community - comprised of more than just business parters.

Personally, I don't think that there is anything demeaning in liaising with the ketchup smeared kids.

Demeaning? When you're a volunteer dressed up in a tiger suit? no. When you're a football demi-god who was a champion coach and GM of the team less than a decade ago yes it is demeaning... its called "pride."

There are two vastly diff. levels to community relations. One is picnics and car washes that's for TC and the cheerleaders the others would be for business and ticket sales etc. which are suited for Lancaster and Mitchell. The two should not be mixed.

Ironically, the reason I thought Ron would be ideal to run some stuff like this is due to his popularity amongst CFL fans everywhere.....he'd be a huge "draw" at an event like this. Lots of people and fans have never met the man and would love to be able to swap some stories with him....

I think Gore Park should be utilized by the Ticats for stuff like this in the future..it's a great location and lets those who don't have transportation be included in some events.

Anyways, I sure wasn't trying to start World War III here...I just thought it would be a fun thing to do and I know from past events, Ron loves meeting the fans........but it was only a suggestion.

Have an awesome day folks!

Welcome to Spring! :smiley:

Where is the irony?
Of course Lancaster is still popular which is why the team should use that in more formal and lucrative functions instead of having him stand around at a picnic of kids and parents who are already fans and already,presumably, buy tickets.

I think this idea is good. But for myself, speaking selflishly, one thing I'd like to do before I die is have a TiCat quarterback throw some balls to me. I'd pay some money for this, say 5 tosses for $25.00 and the money go to charity. This type of an event might work also.

Come on, it's not like Mikey is suggesting that Ron should be giving piggy-back rides for a buck.
You sure?.. everyone else has been on Lancaster's back for a few years now...lol :lol:

Some people on ticat.ca get nervous when Mikey gets an idea. :lol: and Ronny probably does to. I know lightning isn't suppose to strike twice, but two lightning rods together might be rather tempting.

I remember when they used to do stuff like this. It was what got me into Ticat football in the first place. I would love to have an event like this to bring my kids to. Even if Ron is not involved, it would be nice to get the kids out to meet the players, mascots and cheerleaders.

To Earl's point, they used to do that. Or at least they did once. They had a "fan camp" where people could pay (I think it was 30.00 or 40.00) and they would get a chance to kick field goals and throw to receivers and have the QB throw to them. My brother and brother-in-law went to one years ago. They loved it.

Thanks boreham for this info.

Ah yes! .... Now I remember why I no longer spend very much time here.

Same Old!


Brilliant. So now, in addition to all of the other people hired during the Young era that seemed, at the time or in retrospect, ill-suited to their job titles, we have a Community Ambassador that would apparently be demeaned by making a public appearance with mere fan/ticketholders.

I'll assume that Mr. Lancaster doesn't share that sentiment.

Way to be Mikey :thup: :thup:

Last time I met Lanc ... I gave him a smoke ... an hour or 2 later ... a whole pack


... then I passed out on the couch in his Grey Cup CBC suite in the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Good times