its Rawnotsorookierickyray

congrats on Le birds and Lions making it to the big game, congrats on Sask for taking down the little red machine. and well Arland Bruce GROW UP

Hey, RnR.....let's hope you learned this time, eh?

learn what…that Ricky ray is kick ass…no jm sorry i already know that

Where have you been kid? (Besides banned) I wanted to tease you about your Eskimos! :wink: :wink:

tease away...it doesnt hurt because i prepared for this outcome in week 11

Week 11??? You wrote them off already???

Actually I was going to help you! :wink: :wink:

I was going to suggest hiring Paopao for your offense… :twisted: :twisted:


Jim Daley for Defense! :twisted: :twisted:

Have a good offseason RNR, I’m sure your Eskies are “Re-Loading” and will be back next year!

no i didnt count them out then but i started going to classes to get my mind mentally prepared for the world coming to an end devastation i would have felt if we missed..and well im better :slight_smile: lol

actually i was thinking of Buratto as offese manager. calgary got rid of the wrong guy (the right guy's smile is a bit wide) thats all im gonna say

....I saw HEYYYY and thought it might be the Fonz....

Welcome back bubba!

And of course you got big Danny M for HC still , so all is not lost.