Hey you Tiger - Cats!.....bring the Wood !..and now!

No more excuses, no more BS!.......you guys all read these forums and you have to know that you have a responsibility to this team, this city and us fans!....no more whining about officials, rookies, coaches, GM's or whatever else excuse can be dreamed up......just give 'er! (and give 'er good!)

........I have been a fan of the Tiger-Cats for 38 years and I've seen it all so excuses don't cut it anymore.

watch this, get motivated and get freaking busy!



Make us proud and know that you are blessed to wear a Tiger-Cat uniform! :thup:

Save the "wood" for Labour Day because the double-blue will be bringing the axe. I'll be sitting behind the Argo bench and went the game is over, maybe I'll have myself a little fire and roast some mellos.


You'd be banned from a dozen other message boards.

Why? Because I speak the truth and I happen not to cheer for the Cats.

Well, clearly, a lot of these guys haven't heard of Cooler and Ozzy.....they'd have some splainin' to do !

I hope the tradition of "players only" meetings is still alive......and if so, I suggest they bring in Cooler, Ozzy, Mikey and Rob to send a few messages to these guys as to what they signed up for when they put the "Black and Gold" on......and they'd better take it seriously from now on !!!

Mitchell wants us pissed?......I'm pissed!....and those guys in that locker room had better get pissed too!!

Bring wood?

We're supposed to bring hammers. The opposing team is the wood.

On a serious note -I think most of the players take it seriously and are jacked. However, as the game goes on and the Cats get into the redzone and have to settle for 3, you can see the frustration on some of the faces. It's like working your butt off and having your goalie let in an easy one. It takes the air out of the sails. I just hope that the coaching staff react this week if the Cats cannot put 7 on the board and make the necessary changes.

From wikipedia:

a troll is someone who intentionally posts messages about sensitive topics constructed to cause controversy in an online community such as an online discussion forum in order to bait users into responding.

Well, that ENDS TOMORROW!......these guys will start to stuff it into the end zone from here on in!.....failure is no longer an option!

And while we are at it, we're gonna kick the living crap out of the Bombers to the point they won't be able to stand up for a week!

...we're opening a can tomorrow night !!


Forget the wood. Forget the can opener.

Bring a hammer


:P ....thank you Captain Kirk......for my request...

I say bring whatever makes them win! Even if they bring cheese its all good as long as they win!


Everyone? I don't need to scroll sideways to see it.

Just trying to keep the "Hammer time" theme alive. Not sure where the wood and can openers are coming form that's all. Sorry if I ruined it for you. Not my intention.

Re: Troll - someone expressed concerns of trolling and I wanted the accused to be clear, if others weren't, what trolling entailed since moderation on this site is at a minimum.

Now back to the regualrly scheduled wood and can openers...

To get the thread back on track, these guys in that Tiger-Cat locker room need to now 'step up' and live up to well over 100 years of tradition and kick the Bombers asses all over the Ivor Wynne turf tomorrow night.......failure isn't an option!!


No excuses!! :cowboy:

Save the "wood" for Labour Day because the double-blue will be bringing the axe. I'll be sitting behind the Argo bench and went the game is over, maybe I'll have myself a little fire and roast some mellos.
Argos Suck!@!!

Always have and always will

You know what... I think the tiger cats will be having some ARGO STEAK ON LABOUR DAY!!!!


Roberts from the bombers get 38 yards rushing!!!!(If that). Cats crush the living crap out of them.It`s time for the Bombers to eat their words!!!


They could use you out on the field during the game breaks tonight to get the fans wound up.

mikey for Pigskin Pete....

Sounds good to me! :smiley: