Hey... why didn't anybody

...tell me that the game was at 6:00pm. I'm halfway to Hamilton from Cambridge at 6:20, flip on the radio to see if ML has a long pre-game show, and find that we're 4 minutes into the first quarter. We got into the stadium 4 minutes into the 2nd. I'm glad that the first quarter took so long to play... but not so glad that - apparently - I'm an idiot. :slight_smile:

But boy... was it great to be making some noise that counted.

Is the time not printed on your tickets? haha

We were wondering if anyone would make that mistake, as you can see if you click here.

On page one of today's game day thread, Tipper wrote:

I wonder how many fans will show up at 7pm for the game, not even realizing this game starts at 6pm tonight !!!
Hey Tipper, it looks to be one (or more than one from reading Mark's post) and counting.

Glad you made it to the game eventually, Mark, and saw the most important portions of the Ticat victory.

8) Hey TCTD, I just knew it would happen !!!
  Hard to believe, but I just knew it  !!!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I also missed the first half of the game, and I think it was better to miss the first half than the second half of this one. :slight_smile:

yes the second half is when the action started. :rockin: