Hey, who stole Timmy Chang's helmet?

came across this article… which made me look for Ticatsgrr8 post - but couldn’t find it.


The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 9, 2007)

A sticky-fingered football fan was arrested Saturday night in connect- ion with the theft of quarterback Timmy Chang’s helmet.

Police responded to a call around 10 p.m. after the Tiger-Cats’ 30-5 home-opening loss to the Toronto Argos.

“Apparently after the game the helmet was left accessible to a fan who took it,” said east-end Staff Sergeant Glenn Bullock, who couldn’t say how the helmet was nabbed. The man left the stadium with it and was spotted by an off-duty officer working at the game and arrested.

Fans discussing the theft online on a Ticat chat room described seeing the man being led back into Ivor Wynne in handcuffs, accompanied by officers and a stadium staff member who was holding the helmet.

The man was charged with possession of stolen property and theft under $5,000. He was released that night to appear in court later.

One fan signed on as Ticatsgrr8 wrote: “There are too many good Ticat fans out there who bid honestly for Ticats memorabilia. You don’t steal directly off your team. End of story.”

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No, he's serious. You really are credited. lol.

Makes you wonder about the accuracy of 'quotes' in the media these days huh?....no wonder so many celebrities in Hollywood launch lawsuits over much more serious stuff that gets reported by lazy and careless reporters.....

..can you sue "ticatsgrr8" ?....if so, I'll testify and split the profits....hahahaha :wink:

End of Story is my signature quote.

whats this world coming to

Yes, sue them for felonious defamation of character! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: