Hey, we're tied for first in the East!

And this is after playing 3 of the 4 best teams in the league.
What’s the problem? Why so angry?

Sort of tied. Ottawa do have a game in hand.

I'm sort of OK with 2 - 2 in view of the schedule, but not going to lie - disappointed we are not 3 - 1 because we should be.

I wish we were 0-4 like last year . ::slight_smile:


2-2 is better than most predictions for this stretch against west division teams and more important than that, we're healthy. I didn't take the Riders lightly as they were at home and extremely motivated after a bad loss. If we split the back to back with them I'm ok with that. Things will get interesting when we start playing the east.

Bobo, sounds like you REALLY want to see JF in there!
......can't wait....

Love how we continue to set the bar for success with the 2017 season . Anything better than last year (0-4, 60-1, tied for 1st at 2-2 without the game in hand) is just good enough for Ticats fans.

And here I was defending that we don't have a losing culture.

LOL . Yup , I have no doubt in my mind that if we would've had this Johnny fella last year when we played Calgary in game #5 and inserted him in at the half that we would've won that game 62-61 . ::slight_smile: ;D

Actually sad to say but this team does have a losing culture that goes back close to 30 yrs now . When you consider that they have only managed to finish in 1rst place in a 4 team division only twice (98,14)
since 1990 . That they have only had double digit win totals in only 6 seasons since 1990 (92,98,99,01,13,15) . A total of 17 seasons since 1990 finishing with double digit loss totals (90,91,93,94,95,96,97,02,03,05,06,07,08,11,12,16,17) . Appeared in only 4 Grey Cups in that time , winning only one (99) while losing three (98,13,14) . This team has also missed the play-offs a total of 12 times since the 1990 season (90,91,94,97,02,03,05,06,07,08,12,17) .

So it's sad to say but the answer is a resounding Yes when it comes to the question about if this team has a history of having a losing culture . The team has never really had any sustained on field success except for small timelines of a few seasons or so (98-01)(13-15) or a single season here or there (92 ,04) being the exceptions .

As this response should likely be in the "losing culture" thread.... I'll steal one of responses from there... You're saying that we have a losing culture except for all those years we did well. (12 missed playoffs in 28 years.... 16 times we made the playoffs)

Week 7, Sat. July 28
We host OTT at THF, that is our first inter-divisional game, that is a big one!

After our first 4 games against tough western teams of which 3 of the 4 were on the road,
we are 2 and 2 and had a shot at winning all 4 games!
As of now we are leading the League on Offence and are ranked 2nd on Defence. :slight_smile:
Special teams, not so special. :-[

A couple of better throws by BLM and HAM gets blown out. Beat an injured and struggling EDM. Beat a rookie QB and exhausted WPG defense. Clung to system stubbornly and still couldnt answer SSK.
HAMs record is suspect.

Onemordork, are you suggesting nobody else has been beaten by Calgary or beaten Winnipeg and Edmonton? Since the answer is no, I'm guessing you are just pulling our chain here?

Please, that was last year. Everybody keeps using last year as a measuring stick. we sucked last year.
I wouldn't be happy if there isn't a 100% improvement. We were the laughing stock of the league.
If JJ Continues to Combat Defenses and adaptlike he did in Sask. last week it won't be long until the rest of the league catches on.
We need that Killer instinct and I haven't seen it yet. Lots of rawtalent mind you
Last week as far as I'm concerned was a must win against a team that is and was totally unorganized.We were out coached, that game was a totally winnable game and we didn't adapt.

Merely suggesting HAM hasnt beaten anybody yet. And the quality defenses they have faced they had no answer for.

There is no way that you actually believe anything that you wrote here.

They'll have an reply for the Riders next week. Cats 36 Riders 17. Because I AM KRESKIN...

Put points up instead of just yardage vs SSK and Ottawa defenses and I’ll rejoin parade planning committee

Actually just took a quick look at our last 10 seasons going back to 2009 and surprisingly enough it seems like 2-2 after 4 games is at best where we are generally at on avg at this stage of the season .
This is the 6th season in that time that we have started out being .500 after 4 played . The other 4 seasons saw us at 1-3 on three occasions and of course 0-4 last year . The funny thing about it is the fact that the last two times this team started out 1-3 they ended up playing in the Grey Cup .

Here are the 10 year results for those 10 seasons after our first four games played

2009 - 2 - 2…went 7 - 7…rest of season .(9-9) 2nd Lost ESF
2010 - 1 - 3…went 8 - 6… rest of season .(9-9) 2nd Lost ESF
2011 - 2 - 2…went 6 - 8… rest of season .(8-10) 3rd Won ESF . Lost EF
2012 - 2 - 2…went 4 -10…rest of season.(6-12) Missed Play-offs
2013 - 1 - 3…went 9 - 5…rest of season.(10-8 )2nd Won ESF. Won EF . Lost Grey Cup
2014 - 1 - 3…went 8 - 6…rest of season. (9-9) 1rst Won EF . Lost Grey Cup
2015 - 2 - 2…went 8 - 6…rest of season. (10-8 ) 2nd Won ESF. Lost EF
2016 - 2 - 2…went 5 - 9…rest of season. (7 -11) 2nd Lost ESF
2017 - 0 - 4…went 6 - 8…rest of season. (6 -12) Missed Play-offs
2018 - 2 - 2…TBD

Edmonton's IR resembled ours from 2016
(everyone has injuries, we took advantage, go us)

Winnipeg had a rookie QB facing a real defense for the first time in a home opener where the fans kinda sorta showed up.
(good win, probably should have been by more)

Sask game was a loss where we dominated possession but could close in the red zone, allowing them to stay in it. Felt reaaaaaaaaaaaally Kevin Glenn-esq in the final drive.

Reasonable take that our wins weren't just based on sheer talent, that they could easily have been flipped, and that the losses could have been a lot worse, all if not for some good luck. It's a touch pessimistic, but its reasonable.