Hey! We're in 2nd in the East!

We're hosting a playoff game!

And Masoli threw for a whopping 352 Yards! He threw a passing TD! and we outscored them in the 4th Quarter 10-9!

Arent you all so happy and excited for next week when Masoli can throw for another 300 Yards!

Once again until they make it one division ...2nd in L'East

Only if the season ends today.

That is not hypothetical.

Can this season please end? I'm not sure I want to watch it play out.

Please don't question my sarcasm.

I'll take a 100 yd passer who wins 75% of his games.please.

Nope. you don't set records that way.

what did you think of the kicker?

More than 1 player can be blamed in a loss. We don't have multiple threads about how "Elite" our kicker is.

2nd is ours...as long as we continue to not be as bad as Toronto and Montreal.

Our new rallying cry!

Oh...and we're hosting a playoff game.

What other players do you blame for this loss?

Not a player, but I blame Tillman

At least you saved me posting the stats line on Masoli. Pleasantly surprised with numbers.

We have bigger problems;

Severely out coached - they still don't understand the CFL game. That short kick off was a joke call with 1:48 left.

Our kicker missed 2 easy fg's and never pins the returner close enough to the sidelines on punts.

Yes, Masoli needs to get a pass off on the last play.

White has no big play potential as a running back - not sure how Timmis doesn't get a touch.

Again - no field position / kick return threat. Inexperience ST co-oridinator.

Still don't have a 3rd and short specialist.

But. Hey we are still second in the East. Thank heavens the East ducks! Ottawa didn't look much better.

I believe I should be asking you that - you pointed out the kicker.

We cant blame Masoli for the loss, he threw for 352 yards and is the greatest.

Kicker has to shoulder blame because he missed 1 FG (the other was blocked) so Masoli gets benefit of the doubt.

Loving these high standards

I never said he was the greatest, I dontthink anyone has said he is the greatest. I just realise there is a hell of a lot more wrong on this team than him.
You can keep posting over and over about him but he is the qband he is going to stay the qb. If they were going to change it they wouldnt have traded manziel.
Maybe start to call out some other guys, hold them responsible for their part of it. Thatsall I am saying.

Okay, so now we can add the kicker and special teams protection to the who to blame list. So far we have masoli, the kicker, the o-line. Now we are making progress in properly assessing a loss.

When the line of Masoli stans on this site admit that Masoli is a work in progress that has yet to show he can compete in crunch time, not yet elite (and really not close yet) and has to be more consistent then you'll see me post less about him.

I haven't once said trade him, cut him, bench him. Not one time. This is the CFL and its a QB league. Hes flat out not good enough right now.

Name one.

I'll help.

There isn't one. Not now. Not ever.

I guess it just gets tiring reading it over and over.
Especially now, he has the season. He won the job and has the season. Time to evaluate everyone else as closely as him.
Losing isnt fun, but he isnt going anywhere like him or not.

Ah, just to clarify, I think it was me he is referring to.