Hey Wally

Simpson has 22 tackles more than the next guy......

What a disappointment. I saw the title and thought this thread was going to be about Leave it to Beaver.

And Wally's got a way better team... Who needs Mr. Me-first . Wally prefers "team first" guys over personal stats guys for good reason. Lions got a much better defence without Simpson this year than last year with him . Good riddance to him .. you can have him and his ego and stats . We prefer good team defence over here.

penn say what you will about simpson in past weeks he has been the deciding fator in the bomber D. cuz our d-line is foresome reason not doing its job and our coverage sux. egotistical or not he is doing a great job for the d in bomberville

PIGSEYE, what's wrong with Javier Glat?

And like everyone else said the lions are a much better team this year. Better O-line, even better defence and finally a kicker that we have confidence in.

Point is , we’re glad he’s gone cuz we’re a better team without him and his defence limiting demands on how we should use our linebackers! And his replacement is a Canadian to boot who helps our ratio for less money too.And doin a fine job too ! So you can stuff your “Hey Wally” bs. Wally is the second most winning head coach (and probably will pass Matthews for that in the futre) in the league history for a reason .
Simpson is like Stegal on your offence , great personal stats but one guy does not a team make .

When Simpson was in BC , in '04 he had the best stats in the league too , but he limited out D on pass defence. He was great playing the middle against the run and no one could run well against him , but the system was designed to put him in place for that . He was always in postion to have the most tackles but that same system was weak against the pass because of the same reasons! Simpson never came out! Last year that changed and we became better against the pass .
And " Boo-Whoo!" cried Barrin " I wanna play ALWAYS! This isn't helping MY numbers ! Team be damned ' I want MY numbers up!"
It's like a having one good receiver like , say Milt Stegal and the rest are pretty mediocre , who does the QB look for first? So of course the one guy has better #'s then the rest , BUT , so what if the team sucks , if one guy has great #'s !
And that's what you get with Simpson , a great but selfish linebacker who demands to be in a system that funnels all the play his way so he can have great stats even if it means sacrificing team goals.

Hey Barrin ... Wally's 10-4 , you're 7-8 , enjoy your stats. :wink: