Hey TSN! Thanks for killing the mood.

Well friends, I've had it with football on TSN. To pay for their TV contract they've added 3/4 hour of commercials. At the 2 1/4 hour mark we used to be just wrapping up the game. Now at that mark we're about to start the 4th quarter. When the CBC had the contract we could at least be sure that games were over in 2 1/2 hours. Now we have to put up with 3 hours. If I invite a few freinds for a double-header they have to commit to 6 hours instead of 5. When they have kids that extra hour is a big deal.

Before all of the conservative voters got their way, the league was subsidized by a CBC contract that paid far more than the rights were worth. Ergo - we had a better football product and fewer commercials. Now, I just can't stand to watch.

I will continue to watch the MGBs so long as the game is interesting. As soon as it turns into snoozy time I'm gone though. As for the rest of the schedule? Hey I have better things to do and you can only flip channels for so long.

I now have a better appreciation of the complaints by the ladies about guys who can't "finish" and just go on and on and on and .....

I too hate having 1 commercial after the other. What are ya gonna do though?

And how long ago were these 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 games?

I agree that there are too many commercials during the games, but that didn't start when TSN got the exclusive contract. Games have been 3 hours for as long as I can remember

Games have always run close to three hours so I'm not sure what your issue is with that. As far as government money being used by CBC that's a discussion for another thread.

heck I enjoy a three hour game keeps that football ecstacy flowing and im happy commercials suck but gives me a chance to grab another drink or run to the can

To each his own. Sure, we all want shorter games but at the price of not as big of TV contract? No way. Never heard real baseball fans complain of 4 hour games that go into extra innings and I'm not complaining here about an extra 1/2 hour or so, all part of the deal. What do you want, PPV? No thanks.

Gollllllyyyyyyy Andy... (Old TV reference here)
I shore 'kaint member them 135 minute games. But then again, I've only been watchin' them footballers for nigh on 50 years.

Seriously- most games were kept within a 3 hr. limit- barring injuries - but all I can remember is ones averaging about that length (if televised).

I seem to remember a three hour time slot for the games, but some of that was pre game and post game stuff. You sure don't see that any more! "And that's the game, good bye from TSN!" It's like they are worried about loosing viewers by not getting sports center back on for the next 4 hours.

Either way, it's not going to drive me away because I must have my footbal fix. If not for hockey, I would probably go crazy all winter. Just like that one year...

Game slots have been three hours for at least 25 years.

Replay is as much as contributor to added length as exra commercials (which I believe is only 2-3 minutes more per game this year).

Of course, why wouldn't we all go back to the days when about half of the games weren't televised AT ALL? I remember looking at a schedule as a kid and almost crying because only 2 Rider away games were even televised, and of course the home games were all blacked out.

and get ride of half time too :slight_smile:

I haven't done a time study analysis, 2M2S, but challenges
[video reviews] also play a part in lengthening games, too.

I wouldn't want to do away with them though.

The Lions home game vs the Esks started at 7:30 and we didn't get out of there until 11:00, way passed my bedtime. Exciting game, but drug on far to long...seems there was 5 min. of chitchat before every "90 sec." challenge...

Hey Earl

I would definately go for PPV if it meant I could watch a football game, and only the game. If people will pay 5 bucks for a lousy movie on PPV there is probably a market for football PPV. Heck, if I got a few freinds together we could enjoy a 2 hour game for a buck apiece. What a deal.

When I was a kid the whole family could go to a game with a 7PM start time and be home by 9:30. Over the years 2 1/2 hours became the norm as salaries increased and the sponsors had to get their pound of flesh. With this new deal that pound of flesh is far too dear.

After posting yesterday I went down to get my hair tended too and brought up my post in conversation. There were 6 people in the shop, 5 of whom watched CFL ball, and all agreed that the normal and accepted time for games has always been 2 1/2 hours for CFL and 3+ hours for NFL. I don't know where some of the other posters in this this thread get the idea that CFL games have always been 3 hours. Playoff games sure. But regular season? Like that 3 1/2 hour marathon last night? Never.

The broadcasters have always allotted 3 hours for a CFL game, but the average in the past was usually around 2:45. Last year they averaged about 3 hours, with the postgame "show" often spilling over into the next hour. This season the avg. is probably closer to 3:15. Each challenge is taking far longer than last season (they did away with the 90 sec. clock). TSN probably doesn't mind as they can cram in that many more commercials...at with the CFL's massive ratings, probably at a much higher ad rate than the succeeding show.

TSN also announced they were adding an extra 2 minutes of commercials in each hour of CFL games.

Hmmm well it seems times haven't changed much. If you're like me and you just don't do TV then it would seem that less than half of the games are streamed (Friday games only). Plus I just checked & yes there are only 2 Friday games for the Riders this year (excluding 1 exhibition game).

So as far as I'm concerned we're still back in the early 70's as far as TV broadcasting goes.

I write this as I sit here missing yet another game. There is a little relief in that I can at least listen to it on the radio now.

Well for chrissake. If you “just don’t do TV”, what do you expect? Shall they come play in your backyard for you?

You’ve got a computer with internet, trade it for a tv with cable, and shut up. Good grief.

Wow, take it easy buddy.

Considering what TSN has done for the CFL, they have the right to run a couple extra commercials as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks but no thanks.

"My mind is not dirty I don't need no one to wash my brain."

The amount of commercials are ridiculous. I know we need them so people get paid, but its just crazy now.

What really chokes me is how they are missing kickoffs and stuff now because of them. 2 kickoffs were missed in the BC-Hamilton game due to commercials. That is unacceptable, to miss plays to show commercials.