Hey Try Cats....

Oh, I know Chief, I was just setting out my allegiances for this post season battle.

I know, it’s very true but as Dust said there are still lot of great Rider fans.
We have a lot of iffy Bomber fans too, the Fire Mike Kelly crowd are the sames ones that were calling for Glenns head last year and are now lambasting him for releasing him. Frustrating.

I'm just glad the Leos won this one. They should have won CP's other two full games, but the D let us down both times, just like they did today. The only difference today was that they stepped it up in OT, which they didn't do against the Stamps or the Riders. Two wins there would have meant a potential first place finish.

I think the riders should be worried either way if BC or Al's win AND the riders fluke a win in the WF because either of these two can eeeaaasily beat the riders.

well anything's possibly.. but the Riders could EASILY beat either of those two teams too!

Riders played very well against the Als in that 2nd game, despite the loss.

far as i'm concerned, the Riders have the Lions #..

Yup it's like a new season. The team that wants it the most should be able to beat anyone on any given day as the Lions proved today.

Honestly, how can you say with a straight face that a West final win would be a fluke when you're team finishes first? Maybe if you're team backed into the playoffs by losing it's last few and had to become a cheer leader for another team JUST so you make it in, oh wait...

Pretty low class move by the Hamilton fans to be chanting 'BC SUCKS'. You don't see Lions fans acting like that. Maybe I'm wrong but I also thought I heard the crowd cheering when BC players were hurt, that's even more lame than the chant.

Must be hard to see Casey playing so well in the orange and black compared to what he did in yellow and black.

Kinda like they thought last year in the WSF at home, LOL.

I went to a Lions game last year in Regina where they said the same thing when they don’t get their way, not to mention the beer tossing that occurred in that game. I think fans said same thing in Winnipeg on their last meeting too?

I just heard on Team 1040 that the fans in Hamilton were tossing beer after the game…sad! Caller said they were trying to pick fights with this BC fan at the game…pathetic.

I have not been to enough games in BC, but never heard or seen these things in BC Place?

BTW, how many games did the Riders win with their #2, #3 or #4 QB? Yeah, stop talking, you discredit all Riders fans.

Yo, I'm happy for you and I'mma let you finish but Winnipeg has one of the best BC SUCKS chants of all time. Of all time!

I agree, WPG has a good one, but we have a good one too. I wonder why that chant has popped up amongst every other team in the league? Hmmm...

because it's easy to say. A lot easier than saying British Columbia sucks. Too many syllabels. :wink:

True. Its hard to coordinate that many syllabels. Good point.

You're welcome. I always thought Printers would do extremely well back in BC. You're also welcome for us getting you guys into the playoffs :lol: . That was the difference I think. The Lions got a taste of nearly missing the playoffs and it gave them an edge to want it more. They made the big plays where are team missed some key opportunities. It was a great game by both teams.

Now - don't get too cocky. Every team suffers a heart breaking loss in the playoffs unless you win the Grey Cup. I'm pulling for the Lions against the Als but your time may be coming too.

When they're not throwing batteries and such at us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. I’ve been to virtually every game over the last 6 years, and never once have I seen a fight break out between the other team’s fans and ours, nor have I ever seen drinks being tossed at the opposing team’s bench. That’s one area where all team’s fans have it over Rider fans.

I've never heard anything like that before. Snowballs yes, but not other stuff.

What gives with the crappy security in Hamilton? More idiots get on the field there than all the other stadiums combined it seems.

You still have idiot fans though. It was a guy dressed in Lions gear who stabbed a Stamps fan in Calgary earlier this season, remember.

You guys just don't get it.Whenever a team comes into our city, they get the living hell heckled out of them, no matter who they are.We try to get inside their heads and throw them off their game.When the games over we cheer both teams off the field and shake hands and chat with the fans.For visiting teams/fans it can be 3 and a half hours of hell but that's the atmosphere we like to create to throw fans/teams out of their comfort zone.The people that start these fights during the game are usually because the visiting fans crack under the taunting and say/do something stupid resulting in a brawl.Other then that it's drunk idiots that start the fights and you get that everywhere.BC fans and their team got lot's of respect from our fans after the game as did every other team that passed through IWS.Show up once or twice and maybe you won't be so ignorant.