Hey Try Cats....

Thanks for releasing Printers !

How about Cobb? Looks like BC made him into CANNED CORN!!!! See the playoffs are like a new season.

Thanks for showing up and trying...and to those guys popping off against BC...in your face!!

Good game, glad to at least see Hamilton has improved this year. See you guys next year

Yeah but they haven`t lost to a Western team in the regular season!

lol, young teams need to learn how to win. It`s a fact, not Lion fans being arrogant.

I love how were the team everybody loves to hate. It makes things so much more fun, now well need to prove that Montreal wasn`t a fluke. We can beat that team!

That was fun to watch. I'm glad Hamilton made the playoffs this year but I'm also glad they were eliminated in the first round. Their fans, or at least the ones around here, were starting to remind me a bit too much of the post Grey Cup Rider fans (not a good thing).

Nothing worse than a rider fan going off, but I'm sure they will be quiet after next week too!!!

I never lost faith in Lions, not with Kevin 'Almost' Glenn in the game.

HAHA.. ya well, your team's gonna be slaughter feed when the Als are done with you!!

Congrats Lions!!

LOL@Post Grey Cup win Rider fans.

You know, I'm surprised certain people haven't learned... All will did this week was trash B.C. Guess who's going to the East Finals? Not the Ti-Cats! Personally, I still think Montreal will win, but I'm certainly not going to run my mouth off about how B.C. is going to be slaughtered.

I'm cheering for the Lions next week :slight_smile:

I wasn't referring to you, mpdid. :wink:

I wasn't trying to be funny. The Rider fans have changed since winning the Grey Cup a couple of years back. I've been to two Labour day games before the Rider's Grey Cup win and two after their Grey Cup win. The first two were an awesome time despite the Riders winning both times. I always had a great time with the Rider fans, left happy and couldn't wait for the next year, win or lose. Then the Riders won a Grey Cup and these past two years have been so bad that now it's to the point that I doubt I will ever attend another Labour day game in Regina.

At least BC has beat them this year without Printers! How did riders fare against the Al's this year?

Ya it will be a David and Goliath match next week in the east but you never know...the little guy does sometimes come out on top.

that game you guys won was totally messed with controversy..

so it goes like this

B.C. Win over Montreal * - see below

  • Referees messed up big time, costing the Als a potential win.

Your average Rider fan hasn't changed, it's the new fans that have come on board since the win that are likely the problem. It's nice to not have to hear opposing fans harp on '89 still though.

I was cheering for the Ticats in this game, only because they've gone through a similar thing the Riders did in the mid 90's after so many years of being terrible, those fans deserved the home playoff game more than any other and I was hoping the home team would pull through.

Yeah a potential win. And your logic is flawed, if a game is potentially decided by a blown call, that mean that team wasn`t all that dominant. Even if the Lions lost in OT, they still showed they can play with the Als.

Regardless, it`s the playoffs. Nothing matters anymore. Just win..

trust me, the Alouettes are going to be more than ready!

i’d be more worried about trying to stop the Als offense…

I dont disagree. But its not like the Lions are going to be caught napping either. Both teams are well coached and will be well prepared. In the playoffs, there usually arent any blowouts. I dont see why next Sunday will be any different.

Once the playoffs start what you did in the regular season is meaningless. Didn't the Ticats beat the Lions twice in the regular season? It doesn't matter if the Al's manhandled them in both games, or lost both games.

last season, The Alouettes blew out the Eskimos.. wasn't even much of a game..

could repeat itself..