Hey Toronto, tella me something

Blue Jays vs Raptors. If both teams win championship the same year, which team will be celebrated the most. Which win would be made a bigger deal of by city, fans, and local media?

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I have to think Blue Jays because they haven't won since the 90's. Blue Jays also have a tougher division traditionally.

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Leaving out the Leafs I assume you to mean that the Leafs winning the SC would blow both the Jays and Raps out of the water for excitement level in the city. True?

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I would hope so, but I dont cheer for any of them :slight_smile:
go argos


If Toronto won the SC, they would probably want it changed to SuperCup

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Or maybe just the Centre of the Universe Cup.

I think there isn't a big enough appreciation for just how much Toronto's demographics and interests have evolved the last 2 or 3 decades.

I severely doubt a modern Jays or Leafs championship (though no doubt monumental in their own right) will eclipse the celebration we saw for the Raptors some years ago.

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Oh trust me ..the leafs would.
The fans would come out

Wait maybe not ..unless they all come from out of town ...
But there are plenty

Jays have bigger celebration vs Raps

But both will pale in comparison to the Argos

in only, sigh

More serious ranking here:

Leafs > Jays > Raptors > Argos > TFC

And of course any Team Canada stuff ranks really high (Olympics, World Cup etc)

*edit to add emphasis; and rem TO has LOTS of bandwagon fans who jump on when a team gets hot so...

are you sure it isnt TFC > Argos in Toronto?

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Opinion but it stands

The Leafs getting out of the First Round would cause more excitement than a Beatles Reunion.

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Exactly right Joey T. Baseball and hockey still a bit of a white boys club. Same for curling. I love all three, but by far the Raptors draw the biggest response from the new Toronto.

Very nice to see a crowd which is representative of our multi-cultural city. :grinning:

Men's World Figure Skating Cup.

Tons of media analysis that more or less show the Raptors "huge" celebration was fake news

Toronto is a hype machines where sports are concerned and all
The official count of those who went was far less than stated by NBA sources and those with skin in the game

The Raptors themselves said "more than 2 million" which is an obviously laughably inaccurate figure
The same analysts who proved Trump lied about attendance even chipped in on the Raptors parade counts

I was unfortunately downtown at our head office for the Raptors parade day.

It would be tough to truly estimate, but there were people from front St to Dundas Street, from Bay St to almost Spadina. That is a huge area!

But the Leafs would eclipse that by a hundred fold. I would assume the entire city would be shut down, likely having to shut down via the freeways (gardiner to 404 across back on the 401 and down the 427). It would likely last multiple days as well.

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If the Leafs finally win the Cup it would be a relief for many . There would be a huge party .

I think the Leafs mystique will finally disapate though and they will lessen the appeal to more of a Montreal Habs type of following and less a My grandfather or great grandfather cheered for these guys when they were great so it becomes a religious or tribal coming of age thing for the Leaf faithful to more this is just another hockey team that I love .

The wonderful following of always a loser appeal just like the Argos pre 1983 for a short awhile worked but once the balloon is popped it will not fall to Argo like numbers of course but will fall to a more just a normal huge following in this country than the sports cult it is today .

I disagree the leafs are still king! The blue jays are huge and the Raptors celebration was hyped up by the media. All have really loyal fans and big fan bases. Toronto teams in order of fans are: Leafs; Jays; Raptors; TFC and Argos it’s sad as I am an Argos fans but the crowd turn out doesn’t lie