Hey Toronto can you beat this in

an inferior football stadium for the milestone 100th?

There are no match for this stadium IMHO at this time anywhere in the country. But, eventually, a Grey cup will have to be played in the east again...

What a football stadium and to think this could be done in Canada for football. WOW!!! And not in Toronto, more WOW :thup: :thup: :thup:

they should move next years cup game to winnipeg.

Naw, let's see if Toronto can be as great as they tell everybody they are, in your corner Toronto. :thup:

How BIG are you???

Man, I wish I was at this year's Grey Cup. Hopefully next year's in Toronto is awesome. Expect a sea of black and gold to drown out the double blue.

One of the best and most well prepared/presented Grey Cups in recent memory.

Pat yourselves on the back Vancouver. You did a wonderful job. :thup:

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What? That's NOT the mantra here anymore? Oops...

Yeah it's a huge improvement but it was costly. 21 years of neglect got paid for all at once. The roof was a bit of a waste, but the seats, screen, field, concourse etc... was well worth it!
Also, Vancouver is becoming the new Toronto. Yes, I know that's generally not a good thing.

I wonder when the Rogers Center is finally going to be due for it's rework. I mean, I'm sure something could be done with the stadium to make it more Football friendly. What exactly though, remains a mystery and I somehow doubt Rogers would be willing to put money into it for the Argos sake, in favor of wasting money chasing the NFL.

Different stadiums work for different reasons in different locales in Canada. Molson Percival works at 25,000 as well as Commonwealth at 60,000 and McMahon at 37,000 etc.

The beauty of the CFL, it doesn't have to work to some benchmark or standard of sorts like the NFL ie. "stadium must hold 60,000" and that.

I guess the CFL is like MLB in this regard thinking about it along these lines. :?

They raised the bar for sure, thrown down the gauntlet to TO, I wouldn't under-estimate the 100th in the big smoke, especially with Braley at the controls.

I find it kind of laughable all these ideas of rebuilding the stadium formerly known as Skydome; taking out the hotel for more seats, digging the field down and rebuilding the 100 level. These are not minor construction projects. You are talking about something that would take better than a year or more to complete. Just were is Rogers going to dump the Blue Jays during that period? Were are the Argos going to play? That stadium is staying as it is until it falls down or at least until Rogers builds a new stadium for the Jays, after which they will sell the the former Skydome for the land value to pay for their new baseball stadium. The Argos of course are going to be left out in the cold when this happens, so I hope they will have develop some stadium plans of their own by that time.

That's the key word. If it was anybody other than him, plenty of reason to doubt how good it will be. The man knows a thing or two about putting on a show and the CFL.

Plus they've got Chris Rudge, who was the CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee for the Vancouver Olympics, in charge of the preparations.

I suppose when you think about it, it's not about beating hosting a GC, every city and venue has it's own personality and flavour and all is equal more or less if the proper preparations and planning are done. What might work well one year might not the next.

I'm confident that the 100th Grey Cup will be an absolute success. I'm just not sure if it will transfer long term for the argos or the CFL. But it looks like the argos are finally serious about not being a joke anymore and seriously re-organizing their organization.

I think it will really get people thinking of a football specific intimate stadium there which Cohon mentioned before the GC was something probably in the long range plans in Toronto.

I don't like the stadium for the simple fact that when you watch a game on TV it's all zoomed in, I had a thread on this sometime last year and someone said it was because the cameras are located a level lower than most stadiums, I know theres probably no changing that but it does serve as an inconvience.

Skydome was built for baseball and it shows. It is a terrible place to watch a football game. Banners covering the 500's helped make it feel a bit smaller and a bit fuller but it didn't change the fact that the most seats are way too far from the field. I have not paid for an Argo ticket in 7 or 8 years becasue of this. I understand the allure of a $1 annual rent was too much to pass on but I wish they had found an outdoor stadium. The Argos need a 25 000 - 30 000 seater that was made with football in mind and I believe attendance, like it did in Montreal with the move to McGill, would improve.