Hey Ticats wake up

Stop showing us highlights of our players and trying to sell us tickets and gift ideas and get onto the more important task of signing free agents and making trades.

People are certainly waiting for you to show us who you are going to sign before we buy tickets

They must have heard you... Revenberg for three more years.

Yes, because everyone knows that in an highly effective football organization, the marketing/business development team is also the football ops team and sells both tickets and signs players.

Need the season's tickets buyers to get the money to sign the players? Plus, if I'm an agent, I'm not going to rush into signing anything for my boy until I see what the market is paying for similar players in similar positions, not to mention possible offers.

You are kidding aren’t you? If this lack of information for you leads you to decide to not buy tickets...so be it. I think you’re in the minority as to waiting to buy tickets because announcements don’t meet your deadline.

Every year people complain about not enough announcements.

You’re just the next in a long line of .....not even sure how to politely put it?. Go to this thread below.

Are the Ticats management taking the winter off ? Other teams are signing their own critical free agents and we are doing ZERO. What gives ? We have out GM and Coach in place . Why can other teams sign their free agents now and we can not or choose not too . Does this mean our free agents want to see what they are worth in free agency. It's sad to see the other teams like WPG ( Bryant and Dressler ) Sask ( Bridge and Javon Johnson ) ..the list goes on . What is wrong with this picture . It would make sense to sign out free agents that we want to sign now so we can prepare to fill holes either through other teams free agents or the cfl draft or our neg list .

From the outside looking in , it looks like Hamilton isn't the most desirable place to sign unless you live nearby ( Fantuz, Tasker ) .

Any ideas why the Ticats are doing noting in regards to a large list of key free agents while other teams are signing theirs .

The Ticats website keeps pushing for us to buy ticats products and season tickets etc ....However , the organization is doing very little to inspire us by signing out free agents and acting on Manziel and are qb situation.

Mr Young needs to get on Mitchell and Austin to do their jobs in signing the players the team wants or needs...and then you can try to market it and trying to sell the tickets.

Right now , our receiving corps with fan favorites like fantuz , tasker, banks could be decimated ......which would disappoint fans

Also , if we don't resign Laurent ..we have a huge hole on our dline as we have no national that can play like him .

We also have an all star linebacker Dean unsigned and he would be hard to replace

Our QB situation is very much up in the air ..and we could wind up with no Collaros and get nothing for him , same with Masoli and Manziel .

This team does not seem to be running things very decisively.

I hope things change soon

It all depends on Masoli and Collaros. The Cats are in my opinion trying to trade Zack and re-sign Masoli. Once the $540,000.00 is unloaded, there should be some room to re-sign players. I agree some teams manage to get the job done and the Cats appear to muddle along. You could blame it on Austin or perhaps there will be some big news story's in early 2018

I can understand and agree with your frustration, Gerbear. Every year we seem to be the last to sign and/or announce signings of the FAs on the team. I renewed my tickets for 2018 early, because I enjoy going to the games, but it would be better if the football operations part of the Cat's organization was as aggressive as the marketing and sales operations.

I am probably getting near the end of my desire and ability to drive a couple of hours each way to attend the games, especially the 7:30 starts and 10:00 or 10:30 finishes. I'd love to see the Cats come out of training camp ready to play and to be competitive across the entire 18 game season. A Grey Cup appearance would be great, but a competitive team in each and every game would be a treat.

Last time I looked at the FA lists of all CFL teams, there was very little activity all around. TiCat list of FAs isn’t as large as other teams so. We aren’t in that bad a state. I would rather they take their time than make rash decisions!

Our QB situation will be fixed! They have to do it right and so give them time. No use making stupid decisions. Other teams aren’t exactly running away with FA signings. Take a lokk at lists!

Right on Lenny. People think this is Christmas or something and everything they want is going to be given to them. Relax, it will happen! Let the “brains? do their thing. Buy your tickets or take the midnight train to Georgia! Move on people and stop complaining!!!!

Yup, just counting ALL the free agents we signed prior to the 2017 season.

I lost count........ ::slight_smile:

June Jones went 6-4 with a roster in which he didn't pick a single player. He took a roster he didn't form and went above 500, and the coach extended. That's all the proof you need.

After going 0-8, we kind of became the trap game for many teams they let their guard down; to our credit we made many of them pay; and put a fear into the rest.

However if were a .500 team or better, teams would play us harder. The 2018 season should be intetesting; that is we don' t have an 0-3 or worse start; then it may be 2017 all over again.

This team has had a history of notoriously bad starts to seasons for as long as I can remember . Outside of a very few random seasons over the last 20 or 30 years this team has rarely been above .500 or better in their games played before Labour Day . All one has to do is to simply look back over the last 20 years to see how historically bad and slow starting out of the gate this team usually is in the first half of most seasons .

Cats W/L records up to Labour Day (1998 - 2017 )

1998 - 7 - 2
1999 - 4 - 4
2000 - 5 - 3
2001 - 4 - 4
2002 - 4 - 5
2003 - 0 - 10
2004 - 5 - 5
2005 - 1 - 8
2006 - 2 - 9
2007 - 1 - 7
2008 - 2 - 6
2009 - 4 - 4
2010 - 4 - 4
2011 - 4 - 4
2012 - 3 - 5
2013 - 4 - 5
2014 - 1 - 6
2015 - 6 - 3
2016 - 4 - 5
2017 - 0 - 8

Honestly, I think the Cats will end up cutting Zach loose. I don't think any team is going to take a hall of fame QB salary for a QB that has yet to win a Grey Cup and has had injury issues despite how much potential he has.

They are too busy spending all their time on Manziel, it is obvious where there misguided priorities are.

I think it's not possible to know how much potential he has or doesn't have. He's been injured quite a bit over the last few years, and benched for most of last season.

Besides, potential to do what?... Return to early 2015 form? Return to a starter role? Be a HOF player? Be the next Calvillo? Be a competent journeyman or backup? The last two years make his potential awfully murky.

I don't know how much potential Manziel has either. Maybe it's terrific. June Jones evidently thinks so, and his judgement is a lot better than mine about these things. But Manziel has been out of football a long time so it's highly speculative.

As for Masoli, at least there's some significant recent performance to go on, and that's pretty darn good.

Lets just wait to see who we get in mini camp, and training camp, so far the ticats seem to be able to find talent, just look throughout the league of ex Ticats