Hey Ti-cat fans, grab a hammer and chisel!

Ottawa is likely to get a freshly renovated stadium for their imminent return. The reason? The stadium was about to fall apart, prompting city officals to come up with a plan to spruce it up.

My suggestion to Ti-cat fans: next time you're at the game... take the time to break something. If the whole bunch of you are able to compromise the structure of good ol' Ivor Wynne, you might get yourselves a new stadium!

My suggestion: UCF Brighthouse Stadium:

[url=http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/columnists/orl-miket1307sep13,0,7056205.column]http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/col ... 205.column[/url]

(don't forget to check out the video!)

Capacity: 42,000

Cost: $54M US

Best part: It's made of steel!

If $54M gets you 42k seats, i wonder how much it would cost for a conservative 30-35k.

The point: Ti-cat fans, i know it's embarassing to stand up and be recognized, but the time has come for action. Stop by the Home Depot and invest in a hammer and chisel. Do your civic duty and take a moment to damage the support beams.

P.S. sorry for the communist reference in the subject of this thread.... the author was slightly drunk at the time of its composition...

From what I hear, it won't take much....sorry!

And I don't get the "communist" reference.
Did you change something?

Maybe their flag has a hammer and a chisel on it now, Arius.

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The Eiffel Tower, one of the world's most revered structures is made of steel and I haven't heard anyone say that steel makes in look like a high school structure.
Thanks for the article dmont.

Looks great! However the seats may leave a bit to be desired! That could be changed!

Thanks for the link!

That Stadium is Ugly Yuck..
IWS has Personality

...and to think the French govt. actually considered tearing it down in the bad ol days....worst mistake they could have ever made....don't know about Ivor Wynn though....ranks right up there with Wpgs. stadium and Frank Claire..... and on a side note....i know they have lots of steel in the Hammer....i'm sure they must be able to get a deal for a new structure.. :wink:

I get the hammer and sickle aspect.
What I didn't get is why apologize for saying hammer and chisel.
I'd suggest nobody on these forums noticed...
Half the people on here don't even remember the CCCP.

Do you know how unfair that would be if the big gov puts money into building new stadiums in Ottawa, Hamilton, and Québec and Winnipeg gets screwed out of one?

I guess when you're a Conservative government trying to get a majority you need to bribe Ontario and Québec.

Welcome to the west

get it now while the dollar is on par! i still like ivor wynne though

That UFC stadium design doesn't really work well with the CFL field. Having all those seats in the 20 yard end zones is just a bad idea. CFL stadiums need more seats concentrated in the centre with a minimum of seats in the endzone.

Also, what is the point of building a new stadium with bench seating? IWS already has that. You might as well spend the $50M fixing up the old stadium rather than building a new one that is not a step up in quality.