Hey this is the Topic to have...see..and read ....on QBS!!

Ok ppl i wus just wondering if u could have any QB in the CFL on ur team to start who would it be...... :wink: Would u like to have a classy vetran like Calvillo or Damon Allen or would u prefer a up and coming young stars like Casey Printers or Kerry Joseph????
I would be very interested to see u peoples input on this!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I chose Printers even though he is already on our team. If I had to choose another I'd choose Dave Dickenson.....wait we already have him too. Ahhhhh.

Jason Maas. The guys tough and has a real passion for the game.

Henry Burris: Tough competitor, NFL experience, has all the right tools to lead the Stamps to a West playoff spot in 2005.

Im a hardcore Rider Prider but i have to go with Printers on this one, this guy is just amazing

Calvillo is the best. Heck he'll probably be better at 40 than Printers is right now. What has Casey Printers proven so far in his career? Nothing!

I'd say Brad Banks, because we already have Calvillo, and I think Banks would be a great second string QB in Montreal.

printers is awesome , i would sure as hell take him over kevin glenn, i just feel like that guy is going to screw up all the time... cant trust him lol

yah casey printers and super dave dickenson are the best qbs out there and no one can even step to them

im a rider fan, but printers by far has the most potential in the league. he was very impressive last year.

If Casey plays like he did in 2004 he would be my choice in a heartbeat. I like Dave Dickensen alot, but I still think it was unfair to have the league MVP keeping the bench warm for the 4th quarter in the Grey Cup! :?

IMO Printers should have started that game. He is the one who got them there.