Hey !.......This is cool! ....Stripes goes Lulu !!

Well, since Mr. Young says I'm an owner and he's my employee (caretaker), I thought I'd snoop around to see what's happening at his other job that he's moonlighting at.... (guess I need to pay him more huh?) :roll:

Well, check this out! ....He seems to have poached our mascot Stripes! :lol:

And it also looks like they've gone into business together on a venture that even lets you use your own photos (Ticats or otherwise) to create your own calendar or photo album (attention "Caiteag") :wink:

I haven't quite checked out the other features yet but they look fun!

This is great for kids (and us who still think we are.......lol)

Have a peek ! -----> www.lulu.com/stripes

Office Memo to Caretaker: You can keep Stripes in North Carolina for a little bit as long as you keep an eye on him....he's crafty!


your boss!


Yup! ... that's pretty cool all right!

And I'm already in the 2007 Official Stripes Calendar. (I'm not saying which month though, so put the darts away!)

Good stuff - some good Christmas giving. (hopefully, there's still time)

Note to Stripes: Make sure you head back when the weather warms up - see ya in May!

That is SOOOO cool!! I gotta bug DH for a Stripes Calendar for Christmas!!!!

Stripes on the loose in the streets of Raleigh!...eeeek!

Lock up yur daughters! :wink: :twisted:

I thought Stripes was a daughter???

Mikey...are you saying....YIKES!!!!!!!!

Stripes a girl?.......really?

Oh no, we just created another huge debate now....remeber that Saturday Night Live guy/girl.....guy?...girl?.........PAT!.... :lol:

Poll time anyone?....lmao! :smiley:

The only thing I'm relatively sure of is Stripes is the illegitimate child of TC and a cheerleader concieved in the back of an ambulance on game day a number of years ago.

Does anyone else remember this incident?