Hey, this is beginning to look interesting!

An exciting game to watch last night. B.C vs Toronto. Boy, did Grice-Mullens show what he can do when he gets the chance. He was running like he was possessed!

With last night’s win over Toronto in B.C. Place I came home and did some table napkin math.

If things work out right for the Lions they could be sharing top spot in the West after October 03. [based on the standings before Edmonton plays Saskatchewan Sunday September 20]

Here’s what it will take [if my calculations are correct after 4 Smirnoff’s Ice]:

  1. Edmonton beats Saskatchewan today [September 20]
  2. B.C. beats Calgary on September 25
  3. Edmonton beats Saskatchewan again on September 25
  4. Edmonton loses to Winnipeg on October 02
  5. B.C. knocks off Saskatchewan on Friday October 02
  6. Calgary loses to Hamilton on October 03

If the above scenario unfolds as described, B.C. and Edmonton would each have 14 points. Saskatchewan and Calgary would each have 12 points.

But me thinks Calgary and Saskatchewan will have other ideas.:frowning:

Would someone check my figures and tell me if I’m right?

With the parity we are seeing in the West any one of the 4 teams could end up in top spot when all is said and done. Wouldn’t it be something if B.C. found themselves up there- yet again! :smiley:

Well its pretty cool that the Leos are in last place and, in theory, a game out of first place.

Now if the boys can just win that .500 breaker!